Monday, October 5, 2015

Cordelia's Sixth Birthday Party

Saturday was CRAZY! Eric was out of town for work and had been since the day before. The night before I had made one layer of the cake. The girls and I woke bright and early to check in on the pig we are watching (she is too cute FYI). Then I fed and clothed us all, picked up a bit, made the second layer of cake, and it was time for lessons. I teach private painting lessons on Saturday mornings. Normally Eric hangs with the girls while I teach, but I was rolling solo. So I set the girls up with Frozen and led my classes. Then it was time for lunch, another piggy check, cleaning and party prep. Around that time I received word that Eric was headed home, he would just make it in time for the party.

While I was sweeping the floors (a daily necessity when you have four furry creatures) I had the girls clean their room. I got awesome feedback like,"Why are you doing this to us?" and "How can we possibly clean this room?"

I replied,"Oh you only have to clean up the stuff you want to keep."

Cordelia panicked and started cleaning. Elise said,"Just throw it all away, I am too tired." Eventually they both picked up their room. I got everything ready for the party, but I don't think I stopped moving from 5 in the morning until after the sun set. When the house was fully cleaned and decorated, space was the theme, it was about time for the party to start. Eric arrived with minutes to spare.

 Cordelia's 6th birthday
Waiting for the party

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Cordelia in her space suit. She paired it with flowery sandals.

Elise at Cordelia's 6th birthday
Elise in her helmet.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Waiting for the guests to arrive.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Before his out of town trip Eric had made a Pin the Rocket to the Moon game. It was a success.

 Cordelia's 6th 
Black space cake with stars. I made the black was a bit intense.
Cordelia's 6th birthday
Cordelia took her sweet time making a wish. 

Cordelia's 6th birthday
This is what black frosting looks like. ****Note: Never again. Also, this frosting makes a second and third appearance in the days to follow, if you catch my drift, to the delight of my children.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Cordelia tries for the Mars pinata. I transformed a soccer ball pinata into Mars, with the magic of spray paint. We had talked about making an Earth pinata, but it seemed odd to have kids beat on the planet. So we opted to beat on another planet.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Elise going for the pinata. The pinata was a big hit (pun intended, obvs).

My mother also showed up and was a big help. This was the first drop off party that we have hosted, meaning that the parents left their children in our care. It was definitely less crowded than parties with 6 guests plus parents and siblings, but it was very wild and loud. All of the kids had a great time, but it definitely took all adults to keep things in line. One guest fell and definitely did not hurt herself, but was crying. I told her we had a nurse (my mom) on hand to take care of her. My mom was such a pro. She rolled back her pant leg to inspect the injured knee and said,"Oh yeah, I can see where it is almost a little red. I need you to keep that leg moving." Like magic the tears were gone and the girl was playing in moments.

My bestie, and mother to one of Cordelia's besties, was basically amazing and returned with a bottle of wine. When the party wound down and the kids went home happy we went and checked in our piggy again, ate dinner and put the girls to bed. I slipped into manatee socks and enjoyed a well-earned glass of wine in front of the space heater.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Quote: Let there be spaces

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
-Khalil Gibran

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pig Sitting

This weekend we are pig sitting. This sweet girl is pretty shy, but easily bribed with carrots. Any pig lovers out there? What is the best way to win a pig's heart?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 10.2.15

Well I have actually shared many of my phone photos this week. So you are getting a rather abbreviated version of the usual. 

View of my town

Selfie from the Patron's Ball in Cody.

Another photo from Cordelia's ear piercing.

Talking to her uncle and aunt (Ben and Sara) on her birthday. When she picks up the phone she says,"Cordelia speaking."

Cordelia and my dad.

Elise with a box on her head.

Eric and Elise.


My brother Sam and the girls.

Yesterday at the pediatrician for check ups. They are growing, well Elise barely is, she is quite petite and still under 30lbs, but they are both healthy and happy kids.

Hope you are well!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good Things

•Cool mornings with golden leaves, dark clouds, green grass. The vibrancy of color and the crisp air make me so happy.

•The way my daughters mispronounce pumpkin. Elise says "punkin." Cordelia now knows the proper pronunciation, but if she is very excited she still calls them "pokins."

• The cats snuggling up for warmth. Sure, they may not be drawn by genuine affection, but beggars can't be choosers.

•This friendly wild turkey out for an afternoon stroll.

•Wednesday afternoon meet-ups with Eric. Just for a few minutes in the middle of a hectic week. We chat and listen to Elise talk while Cordelia is at a homeschool class.

•Sweaters. I love sweaters.

•Hot tea or coffee in the mornings.

•Painting after the girls are in bed.

•Technology that lets me stay in touch with friends on the other side of the world.

What is good in your day?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cordelia's Sixth Birthday Review

Yesterday Cordelia turned six. I guess it just doesn't get any easier, each year just seems to remind us how quickly this is all happening. The memory of her birth is still so fresh, it doesn't seem like it was six years ago, but the calendar tells me that it really was that long ago.

We had a fairly mellow birthday because she is having a party on Saturday. We still managed to pack a lot in and make her feel celebrated and special. The big gift was that we finally, after years of begging, let her pierce her ears. After dropping Elise off at preschool she and I headed to the mall for ear piercing. Eric met us there.

She kept telling people she is now allowed to wear long dresses because she is six. Not sure where/why she got that in her head, but OK. Here we are waiting for the ear piercing place to open.

Cordelia eagerly hopped into the ear piercing chair and held the stuffed bear that was handed to her. This is something she has been asking for since she was about four. I didn't really care one way or the other, since it is so very common---seemed kind of inevitable. Eric, my heavily tattooed husband, was worried about her perfect little ears and has been very reluctant to let her pierce them. He decided that he was ready-ish to let her do this as part of her birthday gift.

Although his body language tells me that he wasn't entirely comfortable as he watched her go through the piercing.

She let out a little gasp as the ear was pierced, but it was basically no big deal.

She was mighty proud when it was all over.

She chose tiny sapphire earrings and the store also gave her a stuffed tiger (at a discounted price) which she named Sapphire, her birthstone.

She later requested a trip to a museum for her birthday. I was so happy not to go to Jump Craze and proud that she chose a museum!

She and Elise ran to the museum so eager to check it out. I will file this under parenting win and choose to ignore that she requested Taco Bell (they have some vegan options) for lunch.

Sisters on a covered wagon.

Later my parents joined us for dinner.
Opening presents.

Elise climbing on my father.

My mother and Cordelia.

Sisters wearing new jackets from their grandparents. Elise received a few gifts too. We would have gotten her a little something either way, but Cordelia specifically asked, on her birthday wish list, that Elise also receive a present.

Cordelia and my dad.

Her green cupcakes.

Happy birthday Cordelia!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cordelia is 6

Today Cordelia turns 6. I don't even know how to handle this. We have passed through infancy and toddlerhood and are now firmly rooted in her childhood. She is such a gift to us and there is not a day that goes by where we don't marvel at this smart and beautiful girl, wondering how we were granted such a gift.

first day homeschool cordelia


Cordelia's graduation

cordelia snow

Cordelia ballet

Cordelia after haircut

I know many of you readers have been following since before she was born and I thank you for sharing in our journey. Please take a moment to indulge me as I look back on the past...

September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2015

Patron's Ball

Eric and I often find ourselves in situations that are well outside of our comfort zone. When we were offered free tickets to the Patron's Ball in Cody, WY we accepted because it seemed like a good way to meet art collectors and make some connections for Eric as a curator. They say artists are used to walking in a variety of worlds. I certainly agree. This was definitely a different kind of world. We ended up having quite a surreal experience.

We drove up to Cody on Friday, leaving the girls for a fun weekend with my parents. This was my first time in a different town from the girls and it was definitely unsettling. I just focused my energy on enjoying a fun evening with Eric and our friends Zak and Renata who were also given tickets to the event.

We dressed up. Eric in a vintage tux and me in an $18 dress. I mention the cost because later, in the restroom, I heard one woman bragging about the amazing deal she got on her dress, $768---her friends couldn't believe the savings?! Different reality than my own.

We arrived at the ball where there was a red carpet and were greeted by the director of the museum. There was a band, dancing, food and drinks, silent auction, lots of mingling, and freedom to roam and look at art.

For our meal we were seated in the Whitney Gallery next to a rather bloody battle scene. Our table was filled with really interesting and accomplished folks. We spent hours talking and making connections.

Here we are in the Whitney Gallery. This was shortly before things got crazy! We met and talked art with senators, current and former governors, legislators, and the former Vice President. It was so strange!

We just sort of absorbed the unique experience for what it was.

When it was time to eat we asked the staff if they could perhaps make us a cheese free salad. The chef, who was in the midst of serving a gazillion guests, came over to us and said he would whip up a vegan dinner. So we had a salad and then he delivered us an absolutely mouth-watering vegan dinner. We had been expecting to eat in our hotel room after the event, what a treat! We will definitely be writing a letter of thanks.

Our friend Zak was given this business card by a legislator. Ha! 

After the gala we had a glass of champagne (or a mini-bottle in a Wyoming beer koozy) with our friends before heading to bed.


Our hotel room had a boot lamp with a bolo tie.

The next morning we had coffee and breakfast with friends before heading home, eager to see the girls.

When we made it home we were all exhausted and spent the rest of the day relaxing. Now, having spent a weekend with a bunch of millionaires I am happy to snuggle with some kids and plan for a 6 year old birthday party.

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