Friday, January 20, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 1.20.17

Oh man there is a lot doom and gloom today. My husband and I are raising good people who understand that kindness is the most important thing we can share. So today we are going to be double kind. 

Let us look back on the week.

This girl so much like me, she feels all the feelings down to her marrow.

Daily drawing. My friend Gabby and I sometimes give ourselves creative prompts. We chose mythology and I settled on Hecate.

This sweet girl is a fifty-fifty split of sweet and spicy. She has us rolling on the floor with laughter or wrapped up in a snuggle.

I mean...

This week it has been warm enough to be outside and there have been breaks in the wind so you know we have been outdoors!

Daily drawing

 She and Cordelia were playing "party world."

Just life.

 Yes, you are right to envy his long and luscious locks.

My family


This little ballerina is counting down until her next class.

Daily drawing

Lady movie night while Eric was out of town for work.

I hope you have a good day.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Without Words


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


This little gal had her first ballet class yesterday. She was soooo excited. She informed me that she told "basically everyone at preschool" about her class. She was hoping to have the same teacher Cordelia had and could not wait to put on her ballet clothes.

Leading up to class we told her that she had to pay attention to the teacher and to have fun. She did both. Honestly I was surprised at her focus, it is a lot to ask a four year old to pay attention to anything for nearly an hour. She had her eye on the teacher the whole time.

She took it seriously, but not too serious, she was really just enjoying herself and trying her hardest.

Who knows where this will lead her, but is sure darling to watch her grow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Our first update is great news. Remember when I mentioned that Bumblebee had three possible outcomes and most of them led to death? We were very prepared to say goodbye, but she is improving. Her balance is so much better. She is not walking around the house and falling/running into stuff. So that most likely means that she had a stroke and is recovering. While she is still a bit unsteady she is soooo much better than she was a week ago. We have had to lock the basement steps because she would still fall down them, but she can handle a few stairs now. We are so very happy to see her feeling playful again, though she is happiest snoozing in the sun. Of course we are aware that the  end is not far off, but we are thankful for each good day with our old girl.

•Eric has updated my art website. Please check it out 

• Homeschool is going so well. Just since the new year we have seen tremendous growth and maturity in Cordelia. She is working so hard and we could not be more proud.

•Elise is really coming out of her shell. While she is happiest at home, because she is a bit introverted, she also has loads of friends at preschool and is always ready to play or snuggle.

Monday, January 16, 2017


The whole family has an extra free day. So we are lazing about the house in our pajamas. Eric and I are working on art. The girls are playing. We had a late breakfast and our plans for the day are rather loose. 

Our breakfast turned into more of a brunch as I just kinda cleaned out the fridge of leftover veggies and made a crazy good scrambled tofu and then made some homestyle potatoes. 

We will probably go to a park as the weather is tolerable today. I have some prep work for the classes I teach, semester begins tomorrow. I have some work to do for upcoming shows and commissions, but mostly today is mellow.

Tomorrow we will hit the ground running with preschool and homeschool and work and ballet and maybe gymnastics...I should probably figure that out. What are you doing today?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Quote: Strangeness in the Proportion

There is no exquisite beauty...without some strangeness in the proportion.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Without Words


Friday, January 13, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 1. 13.15

Hello! Friday! This has been quite a week and I am eager for a little respite.

Last Friday our adopted family member Laura visited from Colorado. The girls lost their minds, they sure miss her.

We live in a part of the world where turkeys hang out on people's front entryway.

And where deer forage in yards.

Last weekend after the the girls were asleep. Drawing, chocolate, talking with Eric, and a small glass of good wine. Perfection.

Cordelia asked me to send our friend Gabby a picture of her in the Turkish pants that Gabby brought for her from Istanbul on her last visit.

Then Elise wanted me to send her a photo too.

I am painting this piano for a community project. Eventually it will end up in a museum, but for now it is in our studio. We actually have a piano of our own in NM with Eric's parents, but it would cost more than the piano is worth to get it here...

Eric and Momo. She gets in these moods and needs to be held like this.

They asked me to take this photo. I honestly have no idea what they thought was going on.

 Vegan pizza with all of the veggies.

This girl. 

Cordy at the dentist. That was a crazy day with homeschool, Bumblebee at the vet, preschool, baking a half birthday cake, work, errands, picking up Eric from work (have I mentioned that we are down to one vehicle since our car finally died).

Half birthday!

 Drawing of Bowie.


Eric and Cordelia reading.

Cordelia, Fluff, me.

Daily drawing.

Cordelia working on finger weaving after breakfast.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Four and a Half

This week we celebrated Elise's half birthday. Honestly I have no idea how it has been four and a half years since she was born! I saw on Time Hop (an app that shows me photos and posts from this day in the past) that five years ago today I felt Elise moving in utero for the very first time. I remember putting my hand on my belly and talking to that baby I didn't yet know, wondering who she would be...and now she is four and a half.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017



Bumblebee is old. I know many of you long time readers feel an attachment to this sweet girl and so I thought this would be a place to share a bit. Over the weekend Bumblebee started acting weird. She started stumbling and having difficulty navigating.

We took our sweet old gal into the vet to address that issue, a tumor, her arthritis and check her now mostly blind left eye. The vet did a battery of tests and her organs are all functioning great for a dog of her age. However, there is something wrong in her brain. The vet believes that there are three possibilities that would explain her behavior:
1) She had a small stroke and will either improve in the next couple of weeks or stay this way permanently.
2) She has a brain tumor that is growing. The outcome for that is that we continue on as long as she seems like she is happy.
3) She has an aneurism which is pressing on her brain and will eventually rupture.

None of those are great situations and there really are not any treatment options as she is in no condition for surgery or chemo. We are aware that our days are numbered, but they always were numbered from day one. For her part Bumblebee is as happy and sweet as ever. She seems content and is still scheming on ways to sneak human and cat food. So we are just enjoying our time with her, making her her final weeks or months as comfortable as possible. 

This is just the final chapter in a joyful story. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


So winter in Wyoming can be intense. This week has actually been quite warm, relatively speaking anyway. Of course it is windy, always. We often have people ask us how or why we live here...and some days it is difficult to explain the why. I mean some days the wind knocks over our children and blasts ice particles into our pores...and our very souls. 

When winter first starts in August, just kidding September. I settle in for coziness and that lasts about two weeks. Then I want to garden and my heart yearns for a hammock. My dream version of my life includes sun dappled mornings, walking barefoot on green grass---not something that will happen here for many months.

Many Wyomingites take pride in their survival skills. Much the same way that Phoenix people (Phoenicians? Phoenixians? Phoenixites?) are proud of their ability to not die in 120F summers. Anyway, I take little pride in my ability to live in this environment. Honestly when the power goes out I realize how poorly equipped we are to survive here. 

I do have some skills for mental survival though and that is what I am going to share with you today:

1) When you are falling asleep in the midst of a wind storm imagine that you are on a beach and the wind is actually the sound of waves crashing.

2) I turn my home into a tropical plant paradise. I have so many plants in our home. So many. Each room has green growing things and that makes my heart feel ok when I look out my window at the barren and cold beauty of winter in Wyoming.

3) Speaking of plants, I start garden planning right around this time. I look at seed catalogues, gardening books and magazines from the library pile up around my house. I go crazy in Pinterest.
Look at this beauty! I gotta try this! 

4) Our family does all of the indoor activities. Children's museums, Jump Craze, library stuff, play dates, classes, crafts, just anything! 

5) I make sure to exercise. I get 10,000 daily steps. I do yoga five days a week. I try to keep my body moving which can be a bit of a challenge with so much indoor time.

6) Read. A lot! Or just do something fun. We make art and craft and play games to keep ourselves happy and entertained.

7) Go outside when possible. When the wind isn't too intense and the cold is bearable we go outside to play.

So that is how we do it here in Wyoming.
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