Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Festival and a Fort

Yesterday we hit up the local art festival. We had thought it would be a small event, but we were mistaken.

There were tons of people and many many things to see and do. People had come from around the state, not just our town. They also seemed to be genuinely enjoying the event.

There were a couple of tents with different musicians playing simultaneously. The weather was wonderful and there were loads of artists.

Eric and I wandered around from tent to tent, checking out the goods. There were many regional artists making Western art, which isn't really my thing (I am into Baroque art and that's not big in WY), but it was nice to see that there is a vibrant artistic community within the state.

The art museum was also having an open house. The current exhibit was of Jorge Santos. He lives in New Mexico and we noticed that New Mexican highways were a common backdrop in many of his works. Considering that Eric grew up in NM and I spent many years there we recognized the landscape instantly. With that said, his work is not landscape at all, but has a decidedly Surrealist influence.

Also, you'll notice in the photo above that there were lots of painted buffalo. I think most cities or states have their own version of this with different animals. Artists are asked to decorate the buffalo in their own unique style. I love that WY has chosen to go with the buffalo.

Finally, we had our first fort night in our new digs. We have fort making down to an art form, so it came together quite well if I do say so myself. We settled in with some yummy snacks and had a lovely evening.


Stacy said...

What a wonderful weekend. My hometown did buffalo a few years back and my campus did smaller squirrels this year. I love that public art. BTW, did you know Philly has a clause that for each new construction project, a certain percentage of the building funds (I want to say 5% but I don't know for sure) must be used to fund public art? Cool huh?

Robin said...

Yay for festivals and forts! What a happy day!

sophie said...

Looks like you had an awesome day, and what gorgeous weather! Your fort looks so snug.

Elizabeth said...

there is a town near us that has pelicans everywhere . . . all painted funky and fun . . . :D

love the fort. you two are so fun! won't it be fun to introduce your little one to the fort in a few months? :D

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