Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday was the 4th of July, this really only means something to folks living in the US. My family had a little celebration...mostly just an excuse to eat a ton. Yesterday afternoon Eric and I went over to my parent's house for dinner.

We managed to avoid the rainstorms which were predicted and were able to light up the grill. We had veggie dogs, grilled corn on the cob, pineapple, watermelon, baked beans and about a million other things. After dinner, dessert and a game of Farkle Eric and I headed home with plans to meet up again at firework time.

The fireworks started at about 10pm. We went up to a nice hillside near the church for a distant view of the show. We all agreed that being closer is a bit more fun, you get that delightful boom in your chest as the fireworks explode. Although that may have really frightened the baby. Earlier in the day a car backfired near me and the baby jumped in alarm. So, maybe the booming fireworks are best avoided when growing a baby. I don't know.

Anyway, Eric took the above photo of me as two pre-teen skater boys smirked at our sweetness. Do you remember being a smirking teen?

Did you do anything to celebrate the 4th?


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice 4th. We didn't do anything special except draw fireworks with sidewalk chalk since the actual event starts way after DS's bedtime. :-)

Elizabeth said...

we had a big picnic at my parents' on the 3rd. and lit some of our own fireworks. :)

then on the fourth we were in the parade - with my husband and brother's construction vehicles. we tied streamers and balloons and had big american flags flying and signs that said, "thank you to our troops, veterans and your families for your sacrifices for freedom."

in the evening some dear friends stopped by and we had s'mores and more fireworks.

it was a lovely weekend!

Court said...

How sweet. And yes, I'm a smirking almost thirty year old these days. I remember when we went the year we were pregnant with Kaiya though, it is almost like when things are so full people can't take it maybe.

AKM said...

My dad had a graduation party for my brother and myself with all of our family in Peoria. We played Bags, which is a tossing game like horseshoe/washers, and ate like crazy! It was a blast.

Robin said...

I'm glad you can enjoy Holidays with your family now again!

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