Monday, August 10, 2009

Andy Mason

Andy Mason 8/10/09

Yesterday we got our very first company since moving to Wyoming. Our friends Andy and Anne are in town for a quick visit. Eric and I first met Andy many years ago when we first started college in NM. Time passed, we moved away and yet we've managed to maintain a very real friendship for all of these years.

Andy is a musician. He's kind of got two musical personas. He makes great albums that Eric and I have been listening to for many years. Then, a few years ago he started making children's albums and touring. He has been very successful in both ventures, for good reason. Today, while he is in town he is going to play a children's show. It will be the first time that Eric and I get to see one of his kid's shows and we are really excited.

Additionally, Eric and I are busy at work making a bunch of music videos for him, which he will be releasing in the not too distant future. I will keep you posted. Eric and I love his music, adult and children's music alike. I highly recommend that you check him out! Here is a link to his website. Enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

sounds like fun!
i wish we were closer - i'd bring my kiddos to the show tonight. :)

have a great time with your friends!

AKM said...

I love hearing about new (to me) artists! I'll have to check him out when I'm less swamped here at work.

You might appreciate this...I'm going to taste-test Primal Strips jerky (never had it) against my fave Stonewall's. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooo, more children's music! Can't get enough!

sophie said...

that sounds like so much fun! good kiddie music is a rarity in these parts I am looking forward to your progress.

Robin said...

If he doesn't sound like Barney, I'll like him!

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