Friday, August 21, 2009

Crib Notes

Oh my, that is a terrible blog title. I just couldn't help myself. Last night was a big night. We put together the crib! When I say "we" I mean that Eric put together the crib while I hovered around and was able to help minimally. That's OK, he says that he feels manly when he puts things together. Who am I to interfere with his manliness?


I will get a good picture of the crib up soon enough, but I will tell you that Miss Bumblebee was perfectly happy with the fact that her bed had been moved. She immediately went to her bed and passed out for the rest of the night.


Finally, I have been getting tons of little informational booklets from the hospital. Some of the information is quite helpful and some of it is just entertaining. Take this image for example (Please note I added the text bubbles).


The painting is from an article on how wonderful it is to bring the baby home, but I think the artwork tells a different story. I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed that it seemed both parents seemed to be anxious to hand off the baby.


Stacy said...

Yeah, those parents certainly don't have a happy look on their face!

Chrissy said...

LOL, u just wait... I could tell u some stories but won't... I like the color of that crib... I bet Bumblebee was exhausted wondering when the crib was gonna be done... I bet u have been nesting for some time?

Meg Wolff said...

This is quite funny. They both do look tentative.

Bumblebee is the most photogenic dog ever!

Robin said...

Yep, same crib we have!

Emily said...

Your thought bubbles made me giggle. =)

Elizabeth said...

hahahahahaha. :D
that pic is too! funny!

pssst. you won't use that crib for quite some time . . . you'll bring home your tiny baby and realize just how itty bitty your girly looks in that crib . . . and you'll just hold her and snuggle her in to something tiny, or in by you . . . you'll use the big crib when little girl gets a little bigger . . . :) meantime, it looks great!

Our Green Nest said...

Hmmmm...yeah, they don't look too happy unfortunately. We used a moses basket next to the bed many nights (off and on of course) for a little while when ours was itty bitty and then just brought her into our bed b/c it was so much easier (and nicer). She's still in it and we love it!! It's heavenly...both from a breastfeeding standpoint and a bonding one. There are safety precautions to take but it's completely safe when you do those things. It's amazing how your body syncs up with your baby's and you'll wake up just when they start to move around a little bit. The crib is now a nice little daybed in the playroom for reading and hanging out :)

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