Monday, August 24, 2009

Feeling Beautiful?

Flower 8/24/09

Hello! It's morning. I have a couple of routine doctor's appointments today (both baby related) and I have been up since very early, running scenarios through my mind. So, today I am going take this opportunity to use a tag I recently received from my friend Sophie. The tag is to share 5 things that make me feel beautiful. So without further ado:

5. Being pregnant has made me feel beautiful in a very new way. It's not about clothes or a specific look, but just feeling very full of life (literally full of life at this point).

4. I always feel my best when I am happy, genuinely happy. Maybe it's just because I am not really thinking about it and I am just busy being myself and it is enough.

3. I feel beautiful when I am out in nature. I just love feeling like I am part of something bigger than myself.

2. I feel beautiful when I look at all of the beautiful women in my family and realize that I can see a shared trait.

1. I feel beautiful when my husband really looks at me and says that he thinks I am beautiful.

What about you? When do you feel your most beautiful?


Paisley said...
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Elizabeth said...

this is random, but it's "beautiful" :)

me, i feel beautiful when i've been in the sun and the wind is blowing in my hair and i'm with my husband, and he looks at me. you know. really looks at me.

Robin said...

Hmmm... that's a tuff one to answer. Not feeling very beautiful lately. Might have to get back to you on that one!

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