Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Things on Sunday


Today I thought I'd take a moment and cover a few of the little things that have been making my life sweet lately.

My Dad called the other day just to talk. He missed me. It made my day.

Yesterday Eric got me a vegan brownie because he knows this pregnant lady has a sweet tooth.

When I take walks with Bumblebee she is usually in the zone with her nose to the ground, but there is always a point where she comes out of her fog and looks up at me. She gives me what can only be described as a dog smile, followed by a wag and a little head butt. Then she is back on a scent.

Feeling my little girl move and knowing that soon we will officially meet her! Very soon.

Enjoying a leisurely shower because I know that soon leisure will be a hot commodity in our house (see above).

My morning orange juice. Mmmmmm

What are some of the little things making your days good?


Gen said...

Hot tea, cosy slippers, a happy child & sunshine are on for today. The vegan brownie sounds delicious!

mrs boo radley said...

Pretty flower!

Tossing together some fresh salsa makes my day.

Watching my husband read makes my day.

Living in our small quiet neighborhood makes my day.

Nikki Cardigan said...

It's the little things that all together to make one great big thing.... but I guess you already know that!

Yesterday we went to a local toen fair and wandered around, looking at things, all together. It was a good day.

Hello Lindello said...

you guys are so adorable in the pic below! I love just relaxing in my clean house :) I also like it when Ben makes me a yummy meal.

Josiane said...

What a lovely list of sweet little things!

The smell of the vegan treats I'm baking more often these days is one of those things that make life good around here. So is my gentleman friend's smile when he gets to sample those treats! Were you closer, I'd be happy to bake a batch of a little something sweet for you. :)

Voom Voom Veda said...

playing detective with m 5 year old son...
corn on the cob on my Mom's patio with the family...
reading your blog and the memories it brought back of the time in my life right before my first child was magical that time is, precious and fleeting and how I enjoyed every moment.....just like it seems you are too!
thank you

Emily said...

A cool breeze on my face.

Friendships both old and new.

Hearing my children laugh.

Pumpkin bread baking in the oven.

Just to name a few....

Elizabeth said...

i telling me he loves me.
m coming down all tousled from a nap.
b sitting by me on the couch at night.
reading the blogs i love.
and sunshine. sunshine always makes my day better.

Robin said...

When Fritz gives me a big 'ol smile.

sophie said...

I am just sewing and sewing right now and I LOVE it!! It's getitng warmer here and that also makes me very happy.

AKM said...

Hazelnut lattes from Starbucks make my day. Now that autumn is approaching, pumpkin lattes will soon be the thing. :-)

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