Thursday, August 20, 2009


Holy guacamole! Can you believe it's already nearing the end of August? Summer is almost over. We've had a few cooler days lately and it's really been making me think about what I need/want to do before summer is over. I feel like this whole summer has flown by.


When I think of summer I always have a few memories that come to mind. I thought I would share:

  • I think of dog fashion shows. One summer when I was about 8 I held a dog fashion show in the backyard. Our beagle Chloe was given pigtails and of course she won...though I was the judge of the dog fashion show. I may have been a bit biased.
  • I think of going to the farmer's market in Missoula and looking for the delicious Flathead cherries, buying fresh flowers and people watching.
  • I think of babysitting for Robin. I spent many summers babysitting a young girl with down syndrome.
  • I think of searching for stray cats and dogs that I could bring home and beg my parents to let us adopt. I have a real skill for finding stray animals. I am sure my parents really appreciated it.
  • I think of car rides and family vacations. Talking, laughing and occasionally annoying my family.
What are some of the things you think about when you think of summer?


shellyfish said...

Summer really is my favourite season, and I feel like this year I really missed out on it...but I've had some great picnics with Guppy and lots of fun in the forest, too.
Hey, I have my first painting up!

Hello Lindello said...

This summer went too fast! When I think of summer I think of fresh cut grass, wearing sandals, fruit, argos laying in the sun every morning, and swimming!

Stacy said...

I think of walks along the Niagara River and fresh foods and ice cream and happiness. I love summer!

Robin said...

Robin isn't young anymore! I think she is 25 now? She is living at the Special K ranch near Billings and has become quite independant. I remember watching her during my library hours in high school. She liked to learn!

45+ and Aspiring said...

I remember spending summers at my grandparents house with my sister and catching lightening bugs with my cousins and playing "statues."

I remember having yard sales with other kids in our apt complex and basically just buying each others' stuff.

I remember sitting on the front steps and listening to the radio with my sister and her friend and charging them to go ask boys questions for them.

I remember spending the entire day at the city pool with my friend and eating frozen 3 musketeers bars while sitting on top of the picnic table.

sophie said...

fruit!! all the exotics come out in summer, mangoes, watermelon, peaches, nectarines, I LOVE summer fruit. I love daylight savings, days that go on forever. Just feeling warm as soon as you wake up is awesome, being able to wear a tank top all day!! It's the simple things. Warm weather makes me happy.

Linda said...

Really like your blog, you write so well. I`ll be back to read more.

Summer to me is picking and eating strawberries, going swimming in the cold cold ocean, fishing, playing in the grass, reading books in the shadow of a tree...

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