Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Morning

It's a quiet morning here at our little house in Wyoming. Eric has just gone to work. We woke up a little groggy and had breakfast (we split a breakfast burrito and had some strawberries). I was so refreshed by my morning orange juice that I actually said, "Ahhhhh, my morning elixir," after gulping down a glass.

Now though, it's calm and quiet. The animals are all asleep. The sun is just coming up over the trees and the mood is steady.

Everybody keeps telling me to really savor the quiet moments before our little one arrives (due one month from today!), but I can't help but think that there will be many many quiet moments, particularly right at first.

Either way, I am really enjoying the soft mood of this morning. Soon enough I will get to my frantic organizing (I just rediscovered Martha Stewart's organizing tip of the day) and work on my thesis. For now though I am just going to sit and breathe in the quiet morning air as it comes through the windows while I snuggle on the couch with Miss Bumblebee.

What is your morning routine?


Hello Lindello said...

I'm pretty much doing it my routine right now! I wake up, brush my teeth, make toast, and read the paper and blogs :)

your morning sounds nice.

..... Carmen said...

What a lovely start to a day! I have two types of routines. The ones where I'm working always feel like a mad dash, but when I'm at home, I love waking up and making G and I a breakfast of waffles or pancakes and hanging out in our PJ's for awhile before we get going :)

Amanda said...

What a lovely image - I wish I had mornings like that! I am not a 'morning person' and having to start work at 8am is a killer! :( Weekends are a whole other story, however! One month left to go, eh? Sending all best wishes to you all! (including Miss Bumblebee, of course!!!) :-D

Stacy said...

Today, my routine was edited to add TV viewing on Ted Kennedy and crawling back into bed for a shirt while when I heard the road I take to work for closed temporarily for an accident (I think all were okay, except the car).

Gen said...

It starts very early with a cup of tea. I love the stillness of early mornings.

NW. said...

force myself to get up early enough for an hour + before work to read over a good hot drink.
morning is becoming the best part of the day.

that first picture is awesome.

E.K. said...

These photos are wonderful!

Court said...

How pretty... there's just a month left for me too, it is exciting. I'm getting so huge and miserable though once I settle in somewhere I like to stay there and just rest.

Robin said...

Thinking of ways to go back to sleep! Yep, still not a morning person.

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