Sunday, September 6, 2009

Morning Calm

It is early morning as I write this. My house is quiet and peaceful. I woke up and took Bumblebee outside. I could still see the full moon even though the pinks of the morning sunrise were coloring the clouds.


My sick husband is asleep in the bedroom, hopefully when he wakes up he will feel better. The cats are passed out, Bumblebee is asleep on a pile of pillows. For now I am just really enjoying this moment of calm and quiet. I can sit and just feel the baby move around, drink some orange juice and have some time with my busy brain. Mornings seem to be a good time for this. I have a lot I plan to accomplish today, but none of it seems important right now.

Do you have a time of day or a place that feels as though it belongs to you?


Anonymous said...

Tell Eric we miss him...Sunday night is not the same without him.

Robin said...

Very, very late at night. That's the best 'me' time.

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

The mornings are becoming nicer for me...but I enjoy a good dusk. When I was little dusk used to make me so sad and much it would make my tummy hurt. But now I like the calmness of it...the wrapping up of the's like nature is tucking me into bed.

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