Friday, October 9, 2009

More Snow and a Story About Mind Reading

Yesterday's dusting has become a bit more significant. We awoke to another layer of snow.


Bumblebee was thrilled as she loves the snow. The heater is blasting and it looks like full throttle winter outside.


Yesterday a few of you mentioned skiing. For some reason that sent me on a trip down memory lane. So, now you are going to reap the benefits of my little journey, in the form of a story about mind reading.

When I was around 12 years old I went cross country skiing with my dad. We were skiing through town when I became upset about something. I didn't tell my dad, but I was thinking angry thoughts. I am sure it was ridiculous and dramatic and I really wish I could remember what it was about. I do however recall that I was having a quiet angry thought about how unfair my father was. I am sure I was quietly skiing and sulking. I remember thinking "I'm glad dad can't read my mind." When all of a sudden my dad asked, "What are you thinking?" I remember having a fearful moment where I was sure that my dad was a mind reader. I tried to clear my mind of any incriminating thoughts...which of course leads one to every thought that they don't want to share, like how I had eaten some of Ben's Halloween candy (sorry Ben), or that I hadn't cleaned my room, or whatever else may have been bothering me at that time.

My dad is no mind reader, but for one brief moment as I skied through small town Montana I wasn't so certain of that fact.


Stacy said...

I love how snow looks on trees!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure he is not a mindreader? Mom

Anonymous said...

ohhhh I love the snow, so nice!
congratulations on your beautiful daughter...the picture of you and her a few post back is absolutely stunning!!! I love how peaceful you sound...

Maria Rose said...

Mom!!! Don't mess with me!

AKM said...

Clever story! It made me giggle as I was reminded of my own teenage-girl thoughts. I love your writing style. :-)

And...holy guacamole, Batman! SNOW?!?! In October? We don't get that in St. Louis. Today we are on Day Two of torrential icky rain. My sinuses are not happy.

However, I DO get to go over to my mom's tonight and play with the new doggie! So THAT cheers me up a bit.

Have a divine weekend with your lovely family!

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