Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bumblebee and the Missing Chinese Take Out

So Bumblebee has taught Eric and I a lot about just how smart dogs can be. Sometimes I think she is a complete fool when she looks at me blankly as I offer her a treat, but I remind myself that she must have some greater plan. Seriously, the dog can scheme. Let me tell you a tale (I don't think I've shared it on the blog before, but forgive me if I've repeated myself)...

take out

This story takes place a few years ago; I was cleaning out the fridge and hidden away in a back corner was a forgotten box of take out rice. I couldn't even recall how long it had been there so I tossed it into the garbage. Later, Eric and I were out running errands or whatever and Bumblebee got into the trash, something she rarely does. When we came home she looked quite guilty as we spotted the trash all over the kitchen floor. I cleaned it up, but I didn't think to take an inventory of the trash.

We went on with our evening and it was quite some time before we realized that Bumblebee had done more than just break into the trash can. She had enacted a plan. We noticed that she kept sneaking behind a chair in the living root. We first assumed that she was just looking for a place to lay down, but then we realized that she was hustling behind this chair-looking guilty the entire time-and then walking away. Finally we looked behind the chair and discovered her plot. She had taken the rice and the box and had hidden it behind a chair and was grazing on it like a snack. What a sneaky girl, she had stashed it for later!

Since then we have seen many examples of her scheming and manipulation. She's too smart...or so I think until I catch her doing some dumb like chewing on her leg. Although this may be a method she employs to throw us off her trail.


Do you have a scheming dog? Take my little test and find out.
  1. Does your dog hide Chinese takeout?
  2. Does your dog look guilty or as though he/she is up to something?
  3. Does your dog ever pretend that he/she has to go the bathroom and then when you take them outside they don't go to the bathroom, instead they play with a toy or sniff at a spot they had previously shown interest in?
  4. Has your dog ever stolen your bagel while you were in the bathroom?
OK, I don't really have a scoring system for the test, but I do have one more test for cats...

  1. Do you have a cat?
If you answered Yes to the cat test then the answer is YES your cat is scheming.


Stacy said...

Rosy is pretty smart too... she never forgets the good smelling (to her) spots that she wanted to roll in but I wouldn't let her. Next walk, another roll attempt. ;-)

AKM said...

Oh, I KNOW Jackie-Cat is scheming. I think she's planning on taking over the world, actually.

Anonymous said...

one of our beagles schemes and the other one benefits. For a while they figured out how to open the fridge and we had to tape it shut. Once I came home and Dinger had eaten the Chinese food take out that had been in there. He looked really guilty and nervous and his stomach made the craziest noises.

affectioknit said...

Jack definitely has a 'guilty' look...

Nikki Cardigan said...

I suspect Bumblebee is the one in charge at your place. She just lets you and Eric think you are. Wait until she gets Cordelia on her side and then it's 2 versus 2!

PS. You made me laugh with your cat quiz!

Annie said...

My dog was always pretending to sniff on something when another dog was approaching - so that he could chat with it or bark at it.

sophie said...

We used to have dogs when I was a kid and I truely think they were all pretty dim witted. We have 2 guinea pigs now and they aren't erribly smart either, but gosh they are cute!! Bumblebee looks like butter wouldn't melt!

Thea said...

My dog definitely schemes.
1/ She doesn't hide take-away but other dog favouritess have been found behind the couch.
2/ She always pretends to want to go outside to the toilet when she knows I need to go somewhere and then just sits there stubbornly She has learnt that by waiting long enough, I will bribe her back inside with a treat (yes, bad dog training, I know).
3/ I ALWAYS know when she has done something naughty, like chewing something she shouldn't have as she has a very guilty look on her face.

Great blog and header by the way.
The photo of your baby girl in the next post is too adorable for words.

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