Monday, November 2, 2009



Lately I have been living moment to moment. I am a new mother so really all of my plans are fairly immediate; things like when to change/feed/bathe/burp. I am really enjoying it. I have always been a girl who likes to plan for the future and have a dozen projects going at any given moment. I have often tried to live in the moment, but I've always found fleeting success with such attempts, until now.

This weekend I was talking with my youngest brother, Sam, about it. He asked if I feel as though I live in the past, the present or the future. A year ago I would have said all three, but now the answer is certainly that I am living in the moment. My future plans extend to later this day or maybe later this week, but mostly I am just hanging out in the present. I admit to looking at Bumblebee many times and having wondered what it must be like for her to have no major plans, to feel like she is completely in the moment. She seems so happy, so I have always assumed that it was pretty nice to live in the moment. I was right, it's really nice.

Sure, I have goals and plans, projects that are all somewhere in my future and they will get done, but they seem wonderfully foggy right now. Instead I am focusing on today and maybe just what my goals are for this day. So far my goals for today include:
  • Getting this blog written.
  • Getting dressed (in a cute outfit not anything lazy) and made up before 10am. Noon if Cordelia wakes up in a bad mood.
  • Take Bumblebee and Cordelia for a walk.
  • Listen to music with the girls (Cordelia, Bumblebee, Ophelia and Mia).
  • Have a snack at 10am, this is a time honored tradition (Jennifer J. I bet you can guess what snack I'm having!).
  • Do the dishes and maybe run a few errands late this afternoon.
  • Gazing at Cordelia. This will probably take up the bulk of my day.
  • Spending time with Eric and Cordelia this evening.
  • I am sure that I will talk with my parents at some point today. Either talk or text, for some reason my parents are really into texting, they even use weird text lingo.
Do you live in the moment? What are your immediate goals for today?


Stacy said...

My goals for today are to make it through my late meeting tonight. I am at work until about 8:30.... I'm thinking some afternoon shopping might be in the future.

Annie said...

I think those are extremely important goals. There's nothing more important than spending time with your children and loved ones. And taking care of yourself so that you can take care of your children.

Victoria said...

Every moment is another opportunity to be fully present...definitely the place of bliss...abundance and most of all, grace xo

AKM said...

It seems as though I have always lived either in the past or the future, and I've missed the present. I have been working hard at living in the moment in the last year or so, and it's really lovely.

Your day sounds great! Enjoy it.

My goals for today are to have breakfast-for-lunch with my mommy (grits and fruit and hash browns, yum!) and relax this evening. I had a busy weekend, so I need a break!

Ha! I just realized that Eric is completely surrounded and outnumbered by beautiful women, four-legged ones included! Hee hee.

Maria Rose said...

It's the story of Eric's life, he has two sisters as well!

..... Carmen said...

My goals for today are already complete and it's only 11:30! I have cut out Grace's Christmas PJ's and have gone to the bank to deposit cheques. I think I live in the present, but mostly the future right now. I'm excited for when babe #2 arrives as it will fully bring me back to the present, which, I agree, is such a wonderful place to be :)

Monica Iren said...

My goal for today (or tonight, not much left of the day) is to write a new post for my blog. I'm pretty slow about updating, so I admire you who update everyday. But I might just end up knitting instead!

Yes, I live in the moment. But maybe I spend too much time anticipating the day when we can move closer to our families. But most of the time I am very content and happy about where I am right now in life.

Hello Lindello said...

I need to work on living in the moment better. Goals are good huh!?

Ps. My mom always texts me too. And spells most things wrong :)

sophie said...

I am not a planner, I really wish I was. Today I would like to: 1. vacuum the loungeroom, 2. trace off a couple of patterns for the girls, it's super hot and they need some cool clothes, 3. answer emails!!! I put off correspondence for too long! 4. Organise to get my brother, his wife and their baby here for a meal.

Seems do-able to me.

funny word verification: friblet!!

Robin said...

Living in the moment is so refreshing!

Court said...

Just surviving at the moment. With Kaiya I had the hardest time sitting still while I nursed her, an older friend said she thinks nursing is God's way of getting us moms to chill for a bit and be with our babies and just that. Just be.

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