Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, it's the day after Christmas. How did you celebrate your holidays? Christmas Eve night is when we started the festivities. Eric, Cordelia and I met up with my parents and brother Sam at a Chinese restaurant. For some reason we started the tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve before the church service. Since my dad is the pastor it's not really a good time for a big home cooked meal, so we find ourselves eating Chinese food, a strange and delicious tradition. There were very few people at the restaurant, so we had the run of the place.

Grandma Sue and Cordelia

I made a food face, of course

After dinner we went to the church service. The service was beautiful, but I can't help laughing when everybody hums a verse of Silent Night, humming en mass is really hilarious. I made eye contact with Sam and just about lost it, thankfully it was time to change Cordelia so I managed not to make a spectacle of myself. After the service we went home and hung out, Cordelia was up late, but in such a happy mood we spent time playing and chatting before going to bed.

Eric and Cordelia on Christmas Eve

Christmas day started early when we woke up and hustled to get dressed before driving over to my parent's house on the other side of town. When we arrived we chatted with Ben who couldn't make it up from Phoenix and then we started opening the presents.

Grandpa Mike and Cordelia

Dad with his foam bow and arrows

Oh yeah, Eric and I bought a Nerf bow and arrow thing for my dad. When I was young my dad did this thing he called "kid hunt" where he would chase us with a nerf bow and arrow while we ran and screamed, it was fun. Anyway, we thought dad would love to carry on the "kid hunt" to the next generation so we got this for him. Well, the rest of the day included many nerf ambushes, it was ridiculous. Actually as I was leaving last night I was hit in the head with a foam arrow right as I was shutting the door (it's on Sam). So, this may be a gift that we regret...

Cordelia and I
Cordelia and I

After the present opening we had a wonderful breakfast that my mother prepared...which included vegan cinnamon rolls. YUM! We spent a few hours there before heading home so I could make some cookies and we could take Bumblebee for a walk before heading back over for dinner.

Family Dinner
The dinner was delisious and all vegan! My mom prepared tofurkey, mixed veggies, creamed corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, yams, stuffing and more! We ate too much and had a great time talking. It was a great day.

Later we returned home and passed a quiet and happy evening as the snow fell outside.

How was your day?


Emily said...

Looks like a fun day! I love the food face. We had a good day here. My parents ended up braving the weather and driving over to our house for presents, dinner, and the annual watching of A Christmas Story.

Anonymous said...

My day was much like your's...perfect except for the absence of Benj and Sara and other loved ones.

Christina Lowry said...

Merry Christmas! Note to self, do not buy my father on of those foam bow and arrows or it will be on at my parents house too! :)

..... Carmen said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and did our turkey that evening. Christmas Day our family came to us, and we went tobaganning. It was one of the nicest, slow paced holidays we've had in a long time :)

Annie said...

Nice pics and great that you had a vegan meal. It's hard to get Finnish men give up their ham...

We had a lovely Xmas too and organic ham for the men (just posted about it).

Stacy said...

You all are so CUTE! Happy 1st Christmas to Cordelia!

sophie said...

your mum is so lovely isn't she, what a beautiful family you have.

AKM said...

Aww, I love seeing your family! (Love that your dad is a STL fan...) I spent Christmas and the next few days in Peoria with my extended family. It was a good time but it wore me out! Luckily I had a few more days here at home before I had to head back to work so I could rest up.

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