Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Few Facts

I love hearing random facts about people, things that you might not otherwise know. I am going to share a few random facts about myself, please share some random facts about yourself as well!

  • I am proficient in French. What's the difference between proficiency and fluency? Well, I am not fluent I think that I speak like a French toddler...I can get the point across, but it's awkward. I did pass a proficiency test in grad school which means I can read and translate in French.
  • I cut people's hair and I have no special training. I cut my college roommates long tresses into a short pixie. I have done everything under the sun to Eric's hair and I trim my own. In the interest of full disclosure I just did an awful job on my bangs.
  • I sometimes use sarcasm when talking to my dog. I know that she doesn't get it, but I can't help myself.
  • Sometimes I get a weird hankering for canned corn. I will spoon it straight from the can and eat it in a sort of guilty panic. I do the same thing with carrots. The other day,without even knowing what I was doing I went to the fridge and shoved half a dozen mini-carrots into my mouth. I only realized how weird this was when I tried to talk to Eric and couldn't because my mouth was full of carrots. I do this every few months.
  • I consider myself to be an optimist, but I have an obsession with Russian literature that suggests otherwise.
  • When I first became vegan I hated veggies.
  • I once pet a young lion at a job interview. I went in for an interview at a big cat animal sanctuary and during the interview I met all of their dogs and as we were chatting I noticed that there was a lion in the kitchen. I couldn't help myself, I asked if I could pet her. I mean when does anyone ever get an opportunity to pet a lion? I was offered the job, but they couldn't pay me was so sad!
OK, now it's your turn!


Daphne said...

I love random lists, too. What a fantastic list. A few for me:

* I know conversational Finnish
* I secretly want to be a handyman
* I like bizarre candy
* I'm partially deaf in one ear which comes in handy for loud rooms or boring conversations...

Linda said...

Random facts about myself:

Dreamed about becoming a ballerina when I was little.

Although I have trimmed my hair and my room mates´at a few occasions, I´m always very dissatisfied after having done anything to my hair. So these days I don´t let anyone but hairdressers touch my hair. And I always end up feeling rather hostile towards them..

When I was young (cause I´m SO old now) and still living at home I´d usually read around 15 novels each month.

My first pet was a white cat named Snowball.

I´m allergic to cats. She couldn´t stay long.

All my life I´ve been dreaming about having a dog, but I´ve never yet had one.

I have a blue belt in Taekwondo.

Tammie said...

i love your random facts!

i took french in high school. the only thing i retained was how to say the numbers up to ten, and "viande" which as you know means "meat." this has always struck me as humourous considering I dont really eat a lot of meat. i could go to france and order numerous meats.

affectioknit said...

That was fun - I love Russian lit (Tolstoy is my fav) and I'm definitely an optimist!

Hello Lindello said...

I wish I could speak French. Its such a beautiful language!

as for me:

I only drink sparkling water if its flat and warm, smashing pumpkins was my very first concert (8th grade), and I always leave a sip of wine left in my glass for good luck.

Jenny said...

I have actually met Kevin Bacon and have the picture to prove it..
I was in an infommercial.
I like to eat maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal straight out of the bag.

Annie said...

Well, I also hated veggies before and now I'm almost a vegetarian. I also hated meat, so what did I eat? Mainly bread and milk. Healthy...

I was once chased by a flock of angry geese when I went and stroked them. I was not much taller than the geese then. And I was truly scared.

I also have a habit of suddenly eating a bag of mini carrots. What do they put in those??

E.K. said...


* I refer to myself as Dragonslayer when I bowl.
* I own Nicolas Cage's autograph (which means Maria does too).
* I recently discovered that the Washington Redskins are from Washington D.C., not Washington state!
* I've been permanently disqualified from ever serving in the military because of a head injury.
* I use my head injury to explain why I have a selective memory.
* I once turned the light in my bedroom on with my mind. (this happened before the head injury)
* the head injury was Maria's fault....I'm kidding ;) I joke.

Emily said...

I too love random fact lists. Here's mine:

*I sometimes eat spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce straight out of the jar.
*I took ballet all throughout my school years and even into adulthood. My last performance was when I was 10 weeks pregnant with my twins.
*I've never broken any bones
*If I could be any literary character, I would be Anne Shirley and live on Prince Edward Island
*I watched every episode of Season 3 of The Office in one night (9 hours straight)
*I am not a fan of popcorn.

Victoria said...

~I worked as a magician at Disney World
~I have a wicked "slight of hand"
~I was introduced to the French language in third grade and vowed to travel there when I "grew up" My first trip was in 1977 and each time I visit it's never enough
~I cry in the presence of great art
~I spell better in German than English
~I changed my name at 37, legally
~I piloted a full-burner 4-ship taxi in an F-15...from the backseat
~I bumped into Candace Bergen in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, literally!
~I rebuilt a carburetor
~I put more jam on my toast than there's room for...

Karlene Kamelle said...

* I almost always tear up at the cheesiest of movies.
* I had a bizarre crush on Bettleguise when I saw the movie the first time.
* One of my favorite snacks growing up was canned spinach.
* The night my husband proposed to me I was so exited and surprised I threw up.

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