Saturday, December 12, 2009

Road Trip and 5 Generations of Women

Yesterday we took a road trip to visit my Aunt Tina for her birthday, to introduce Cordelia to more of her family and to get a photo capturing 5 generations of women. We left first thing in the morning. My mom, Eric, Cordelia, Bumblebee, and I all packed into our car for the drive.

Maria, Cordelia and Bumblebee in the backseat of the car
We all buckled in (even Bumblebee was buckled in) for the drive, thankful that the roads were clear in spite of the frigid temperatures of the past week.

Winter in Wyoming
The drive was nice and went quickly as Cordelia slept nearly the entire way.

We arrived at my Great Grandma Rose's house late morning. My Grandmother was there as well. So, there were five generations of women in the house, something I've long been waiting for.

1981, four generations of women and my Great Grandpa Red
You see I have this photo(above) from when I was a baby. In it you see (from left to right): my Grandma Grace, my Mom holding me, Grandma Rose and then my Grandpa Red. Since I first became pregnant I have been wanting to get another such photo with the next generation.

2009, five generations of women
Yesterday we made it happen, sadly my Grandpa Red is no longer around, but we did manage to get 5 generations of women together. Cordelia is being held by her Great Great Grandma Rose and in the back, from left to right is her Great Grandma Grace, her Grandma Sue and her mother (me). How many people have such an opportunity?!

Grandma, Tina and Cordelia
My Aunt Tina, Cordelia and my Grandma Grace
After the photos we went to meet up for a birthday lunch with my Aunt Tina. This was also her first time meeting Cordelia.

Eric and Mom
Eric and my mom
Eric was there too. Have I mentioned how amazing Eric is as a father? He is just so wonderful, so hands on. I love him!

After lunch it was time to head back. A very quick trip, but so worth it.


Emily said...

What an incredible photo! I'm sure it is something you will cherish.

Pam Brewer said...

Great-great grandmothers are looking younger all the time! Cordelia has some great genetics going for her. Fabulous photo, by the way.

Chrissy said...

omg, i remember those days of sitting in the back w/the baby...i was so glad when we could turn the seat forward and they could see what was going on in front...

Stacy said...

What a lovely thing! You are truly blessed my friend.

sophie said...

Wow, the landscape of Wyoming is amazing, it looks surreal. Here we are surrounded by trees, so many green trees even in Winter, such a stark contrast to Wyoming. The two photos of the women is terrific, your mum hasn't changed at all!!

Annie said...

That's so great! Cordelia looks so incredibly cute in the portrait.

Anonymous said...

We are 5 very blessed generations! I am so grateful to have my grandma in my life still.
...and thanks, Sophie, you are very sweet.
Mom (Grandma Sue)

Samuel said...

Sorry sister but I need to correct you.Under one of your pictures you said "Winter in Wyoming" and technically it is still fall.

Nikki Cardigan said...

What beautiful photos... old and new. I bet there are some wonderful stories told over cups of tea!

AKM said...

All five generations of women look phenomenally beautiful!! Wow.

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