Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Operation Cat Rescue

When I was a wee little lass I would comb the neighborhood for stray cats. I was always bringing them home. You're welcome Mom and Dad! I think I struck gold when I found a shed that a mama cat had a litter in. I spent many hours trying to catch those kittens and find them homes (at my house). I was always something of a cat rescuer Apparently the cat world has decided to reach out to me again.

Lately Bumblebee has been hanging out by the front door whining and seeming generally agitated. Every time we looked out the door there was nothing to be seen. Then yesterday it all became clear. Bumblebee freaked out and was running around the house in a frenzy. I opened the blinds and looked out. I spotted her, a black kitten. She paused to make eye contact before scurrying under the porch. I think she lives there.

Telltale evidence, tiny paw prints

So I reflected back on what my 9 year old self would have done. I got some cat food and placed it where I know she's hiding out. I will try and catch her and send her to the humane society. We, unfortunately, are not in a position to adopt another animal. I will pay for the adoption for whomever falls in love with her. Here's hoping she's easy to catch!

The bait


affectioknit said...

SWEET! Best wishes with the kitty!

Chrissy said...

Do u think the kibble might be a bit too big? would love to see a pic of her/him....bet milk would get her coming to your door!. Oh, I would love another kitty tho I don't think the Queen would approve.

Maria Rose said...

Chrissy, she's more of a teen kitten so kibble is fine for her.

Stacy said...

Hope you catch her soon!

Anonymous said...

Some things never change... I love you...Mom

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