Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Wyoming?

When people hear that Eric and I are living in Wyoming we are often hit with the question, "why?!?" Most people think that vegan artists might not thrive in a state like this and there certainly are challenges to overcome, but I think we do have a few good reasons for being here right now.

First of all, Wyoming has a very independent spirit. People here truly march to the beat of their own drum. If you want to airbrush the phrase "Livin' on beans and dreams" onto the back of your car with no shame and no sense of humor, then go right ahead. If you want the worlds longest mullet with not a touch of irony and then you want to dye it red, go right ahead. If you want to ride around town on a 4 wheeler then by all means do your thing. If you want to dress like it's 1789, go for it. Nobody even bats an eyelash. Drive a covered wagon? Yep, go for it!Wear pajamas to the store? No problem. So, you can see that Eric and I fly right under the radar in a place like this.
***Note: The list above are of actual accounts of Wyomingans (Wyomingites?) waving their freak flags high.

Second, nature. Being outdoors in nature, untouched and unmarred. It's really unbeatable.

Third, we are living simply. Eric and I have become quite at ease with a very simple lifestyle. In the city we found we were always going in a thousand different directions, but here our focus is narrowed a bit and we are living more richly on much less. Sometimes less is much more.

Finally and most importantly is this (click here) and this. My family is here and they are such amazing people and have been such a comfort as we start our own little family.
Mom and Cordy


Stacy said...

Having family around is such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

all GREAT reasons to live where you do...home truly is where the heart is and your heart shines bright, right where you are...
love and light

45+ and Aspiring said...

There is often a lot to be said about living a very simple lifestyle and recognizing that the little things are big.

More power to you & yours.


Michelle said...

Every time I see the low rider with "living on beans and dreams" on it, I have quite the little chuckle to myself. Not sure why...but it brings me a smile that only in Wyoming is that acceptable and not even blinked an eye at.

sophie said...

Just cannot beat family. Andrew and I are a little sick of our house and really want to move but we live so close to our family we just can't!

elizabeth said...

sounds like great reasons!

we live in a little town - and are continually trying to keep it simple. simple is better. it is. :)

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