Sunday, March 21, 2010

3D Extravaganza

On Friday afternoon Eric asked if I wanted to go out to a movie on Saturday. Hmmm, could we, I wondered. I mean we're new parents we don't get to be remotely spontaneous...spontaneity right now is to only plan one day in advance. So I asked my mother if she and my father would be willing to watch Cordelia. They were. Date at the movie it was!

We went to the new theater built on the edge of town. It was big and clean, cleanliness is a joy only to be had in the newest of theaters. We decided to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Have you seen a 3D movie lately? Gone are the red and blue glasses. Now you get these great ultra thick nerd glasses. The technology has really advanced. When the previews started we were treated to a sneak preview of Piranha 3D. After the preview was over the man next to me looked to his son and whispered,"That looks awful." I just looked at Eric and nodded, we thought it looked AWESOME. Pretty much anything in 3D is awesome.

Eric out for coffee after the movie

After the movie was over we grabbed a quick cup of coffee and talked about 3D. Then we went to pick up our sweet little lady who had just woken up from a 2 hour nap.

Have you seen a 3D movie lately? Extravaganza


Helena said...

I saw Alice and didn't like it. It was not the Alice I knew. More like a warrior (like a mentioned in my blog). And the dance was awful!!!

But Avatar was great, in 3D too. The problem is that the glasses are uncomfortable and they make the picture darker and smaller. I wish you could buy your own glasses so they wouldn't be so smudgy every time.

AKM said...

My brother and I went to see A Christmas Carol in 3D in December. Very cool. It felt like I was flying over the rooftops of London with snow falling all around me.

I'll go see Alice when it's a $5 movie. (Yesterday my mom and I caught Shutter Island. Great flick, although I saw the twist coming almost immediately.)

affectioknit said...

We missed Alice - it did play here - but we were busy and Saturday is really our only option for movies - we'll see it on DVD for sure - but it won't be in 3D...

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