Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eric's Top 10, at least for today

10. He makes me laugh all the time. For instance the other day he tried to entertain Cordelia and I by inventing dance moves. By the way most of his "dance moves" involve, at some point, miming a baby dragon hatching from an egg.

9. He is sarcastic with animals. I have told him many times that sarcasm is lost on the animal kingdom, but that doesn't stop him. He actually talks to Bumblebee as though she were a human.

8. He still holds my hand.

7. He loves Mexican food, but hates all peppers. He pulls peppers out of salsa. It's those kooky little things that make him so unique

6. His bowling ball is named Monster and it's actually inscribed on the ball. When he goes bowling he sometimes has his scores printed out and then gives me a play by play of the entire bowling game or if I'm lucky games.

5. He has a tiny chip in his front tooth. I really love it; a little wabi sabi.

4. He is endlessly patient and supportive. What more can one ask for? He is always encouraging, but never demanding.

3. He marches to the beat of his own drum, literally and figuratively. He was in marching band yes, but he also does what he feels called to do, even if it isn't the most obvious choice.

2. He actually made a request that I mention that he is a)obsessed with futuristic wizards and b)is working on a zombie rock movie that is NOT a musical.

1. He is my very best friend.


Emily said...

So very sweet. I think creating dance moves is so funny. I can only imagine the hatching baby dragon move.

Chrissy said...

Nice sentiments, Maria.. but does he realize that if he removes the peppers then he isn't eating Mexican?
Love the uniqueness...

Hilary said...

I just found your blog and I love it. Very inspiring and your photos are great! I'll definitely be checking in!

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