Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday To Do List

Now that I am not sick, in the middle of a move, or on the road it's time to get some stuff done. I thought I'd make myself a thorough to-do list today
  • Bake some bread
  • Pay bills
  • Take a nice walk with Cordelia and Bumblebee.
  • Figure out what's going on with Ophelia, our cat, she's constipated. Not really something I ever envisioned myself dealing with...
  • Bake some peanut butter cookies
  • Finish the dog beds for my brother's pooches
  • Give my cousin Erin a call
  • Pick a new book to read
  • Play with Cordelia
  • General Monday clean up of the house.
What's on your to do list?


Chrissy said...

sounds like a filled Monday... constipated cat? oh boy. lucky you...well the obvious would be: getting enough water? diet changed? cat upset about a change?

Sarah said...

Your blog is so enjoyable, Maria - your life just seems so full of happiness :)

My to-do list varies but contains these constants: tidy my room. cook more (tonight I'm making soup). listen to more new music & see my closest friends more.

Stacy said...

I worked on a quilt top, hung a new painting and bought fabric and a new yoga mat. It was a good day.

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