Monday, March 15, 2010

An Unexpected Early Arrival!

Yesterday afternoon I sent my mother a text, asking if they'd heard from Ben and Sara. We knew they were on their way up from Arizona, but didn't know when they'd arrive. Ben is one of those kind of people who, by day, is a straight laced banker and the rest of the time he is completely unpredictable. So, we knew that he would arrive at some point within the next week. My mom didn't text me back so I called her cell and Ben answered, he'd arrived with Sara and their two pooches.

Ben, Sara, Cocoa, Cordelia and Jayrake

We hustled to get ready and head over to my parent's house to see them. I haven't seen Ben in far too long. He and Sara hadn't even met Cordelia! So it was a great day. Everything was as it should be. Ben and Sam were loud and kind of obnoxious. We played a game and had a lovely time. Now I am going to soak it up while I can.


Elizabeth said...

we have a lovely ben and sara in our lives, too!

and what fun to spend time with your family. i bet they just loved cordelia to pieces!

Stacy said...

Yay, how wonderful! Enjoy!!

Robin said...

Very nice to see a grown-up picture of Ben! Glad you had a visit with them.

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