Friday, April 9, 2010

The Adventures of Hoot Hoot!

Mindy is quite possibly the craziest cat who ever lived. My brother got her a few years ago when she was a tiny kitten. She has super soft fur and is really quite adorable, but that's only if you're lucky enough to catch a quick flash of her as she scampers off to one of her secret lairs. I don't even know where to begin when I say that she is crazy, she just is. I think that is where she got the nickname Hoot Hoot. She runs in terror from most anything. She steals everything she can get her paws on (toilet paper, underwear, knick knacks, etc.) and hides them in the strangest places.

My parents and Sam swear that she also has a sweet side. I think I've pet her twice in 4 or 5 years, so I wouldn't really know. Anyway, no matter her level of sanity, she is part of our family and when she disappeared the other day we were all very concerned for this furry little lunatic out there in the big world.

She had escaped through an open window. Eric was conducting an on site investigation and noticed the telltale paw prints in the soil outside of an opened basement window. My parents were searching the neighborhood for her, knowing full well that she would never let a stranger catch her. My dad was convinced that she didn't have enough sense to find her way home. My brother believed that she was hiding out somewhere inside the house and my mom thought she might be hiding under her car.

A full day passed and she didn't return. Then a night outside. Thankfully it was warm enough that we all knew she could survive.

My dad was up early this morning, walking through his neighborhood, looking for her. She really is his favorite, he likes his animals a little loony. When he gave up his search and returned home he went to let Grady, their dog, outside and spotted her on the fence. After a little drama she made it back inside. She scurried to her favorite lair in the ceiling of the unfinished basement. My sweet mom brought her food, which Hoot Hoot devoured, and took this photo of her. I should note that my mom had to scale a ladder just to get this shot, since Hoot Hoot has a pretty remote lair.


What adventures this little lunatic cat must have had. My mom is convinced that she spent the past few days cowered under a bush or something, but I tend to think she went out and saw the sights...possibly befriending a lonely antelope.

Either way we are glad to have the craziest cat in the world back in the family.


Stacy said...

I love it!! I'm glad she's safe... if only she could tell you about her adventures.

..... Carmen said...

I like your idea that Hoot Hoot was out having a grand old time touring the neighborhood :) Aren't all cats a little bit crazy? All the ones I have encountered seem to be so!

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

I always get so panicked when we can't find one of the cats and I call the police and sob and overturn all the furniture and weep and it becomes this great big drama until the cat is finally discovered napping in my underwear drawer, or whatever.

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