Friday, April 30, 2010

Crazy Hair, Lint Brushes and Market Bags

You may have guessed from the title that this blog is going to be all over the place and you'd be right.

Part I: Market Bag
Let's start with the bag. I am learning to sew well. I decided that I need to start slowly and from the beginning, even though I've had some training it was years ago. Technically it was in Jr. High and my Home Ec teacher taught me how to sew a duffel bag and a teddy bear (both were awesome by the way) and I also learned a few things from my mother along the way. She is an excellent seamstress, but growing up I didn't have the sense to use her as a teacher as often as I should have. So now I am up to my eyeballs in beginner sewing books and online tutorials.

Market bag

Yesterday I had some time to kill and I found myself on Martha Stewart's website, because that's how I roll. Anyway I found this simple tutorial about how to turn a pillowcase into a bag. So I decided to give it a whirl. I'd say the whole project took me thirty minutes, including time rolling on the floor with Cordelia. It would make a great market bag, but I think I will use this as a rag bag, because I am in need of a rag bag.

Part II: Crazy Hair

Wispy Noodle

Crazy hair

When Cordelia was born she had a fair amount of hair on her pretty little noggin. Things have changed. She lost a ton of hair, then grew some back in patches and well, now we have a mix and match of lengths and colors. I think she's being new York chic, but it might be a bit too fashion forward for Wyoming. Anyway, this is what she's got going on up on top of her noodle.

Part III: Lint Brushes

Lint Brush
I have also started letting her play with a lint brush, this is my gift to her father. Eric is obsessed with getting the pet hair off of his clothes. We have three hairy pets and I am a long haired lady. Eric likes to wear black. You can do the math. So, I have let Cordelia play with the lint brush. Soon she will learn to roll it and we will have a solution to Eric's daily burden. I'm just being thoughtful.

Part IV: Eric's B-day
Tomorrow is Eric's 30th birthday! Holy smokes. I can't believe I've known this guy for more than half of his life.


affectioknit said...

I can definitely relate to the pet hair problem and black clothes - :) I love the rag bag too!

Robin said...

The hair is awesome!!!!

elizabeth said...

your girl is so cute i can hardly stand it!

have a lovely weekend with her and your hubby!

Emily said...

Love the hair!! I can imagine it floating around as she plays. So cute!

Stacy said...

I adore that last photo! She's soooo adorable. Seriously, it should be illegal. <3

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