Thursday, April 8, 2010

When was the last time?


It looks like a haunted house. If I were a younger girl I would be obsessed with the mystery of the dilapidated home. I walk by it nearly every day, noticing some tiny detail and wondering if anyone will ever come to reclaim this home and to enjoy the details. There is a broken basement window and I have no doubt that there are many a furry critter making their home inside.


I imagine that there was once an old widow living there and she is now either gone or in a nursing home. Her children, in my mind, are too sad to bring themselves to do anything with the home. Maybe they grew up there and the house is filled with memories, good and sad. Maybe they want to go in, but don't know where to begin. Maybe they too are gone and nobody knows what to do with the empty home.


I can see curtains in the window, faded now as they've seen too many sunny days since they were last opened. Dust covered and coated in cobwebs, the home is empty. Throughout the day I wonder what the sunlight looks like inside, creeping in through the little openings as it makes its way through the sky.


I imagine the floor plan and wonder when the front door was last opened. When was there last a fire in the fireplace, smoke curling out of the chimney on a crisp fall night? When was the garden last cared for?


When was the last time that somebody laughed inside this home? Cried? Felt comforted to have a roof over their head during a late night thunderstorm?



bel said...

Now you've got me curious too!

affectioknit said...

I love all those details - and I love older homes in general...

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

I used to do that with houses in Portales all the time - once I even broke into an abandoned house in P-ville just to see if my suspicions were true. I really like the look of the one in your blog, though - makes me want to live there.

Emily said...

I think every home has a story, and you beautifully pondered this one! Great photos too, by the way.

Robin said...

I love old sad houses like this one as well. Something beautiful about them, but somewhat creepy at the same time.

elizabeth said...

ohhh, houses. i love to see little peeks into houses. like at night, when i'm out for a walk and lights are on - i love to see little glimpses into others lives. :) i think that's why i'm a blog reader?

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