Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Annual and Perennial Event

Without even trying my mother and I have created something of an annual outing. Even before we were living in the same town it would seem that every year we would go plant shopping together. We go to the greenhouses and wander about the aisles looking over the new growth.


My mom always is drawn to happy looking orange flowers. She loves orange. I am drawn more to culinary plants, mostly because my space is limited and I don't exactly have a place to show off this year, my garden is a container garden on our back porch as we are once again apartment dwellers.

romaine lettuce

I love that feeling of going into a greenhouse and looking at all of the colors and textures as I imagine the possibilities. It's not unlike a trip to the fabric store (we also stopped at a fabric store later). Although it's admittedly a bit warmer in a greenhouse.


I took my plant loot home and started re-potting, naming the plants as I go (because that's how I roll) and holding a little girl on my hip, her little hands eagerly examining the fresh soil and the textures of the new plants.

I cannot wait to taste my fresh tomatoes and lettuce over the course of the summer. A snip of fresh oregano or basil adds just the right touch this time of year.


Stacy said...

Yay for gardening.... hope it works for you!!

Anonymous said...

We had a lovely day for sure!

elizabeth said...

my mom and i went to a huge green house today, too! isn't it nice to just be with your mom? i love being with mine. :)

holy hotness!!!!

i did bring a few pretty flowers home with me. :)

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