Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Differet Way of Living

It seems as though it was a different person living a different life, but I did have a professional job not all that long ago. I wore business clothes, rubbed shoulders with executives, mayors, the governor, and other highly motivated successful types. Sometimes I would get really into the whole thing and go crazy with presentations, event planning, and all of that kind of stuff. I felt sort of like I was playing a part. I am not really a highly organized type of girl. Sure I can do it and I can do it well, but I am not that person.


If left to my own devices I'd like to let the weather and my mood dictate my day, but oddly enough those highly motivated capitol hill (capitol of Colorado I mean) types weren't really on board with my way of life.

Each week I'd start out by making a bullet point list of what I was working on for our staff meetings. My bullet points would look something like this:

Old Week in Bullet Points
  • Plan for executive meeting.
  • Plan for board of director's meeting
  • Prepare for budget meeting
  • Tax prep
  • Plan board retreat
  • Work with PR Committee
  • You get the idea
Now things are different, not quite dictated by the weather and my mood, but a lot more natural and free form. I no longer have a real need to bullet point my life. My boss is much smaller and cuter (though my last boss was petite and lovely).

Current week in bullet points:
  • Friends visit. Baby, toddler, etc.
  • Thesis, moving along. Soon to be sent off.
  • Cordelia, stood up independently!
  • Summer days, pink lemonade
  • Reading
  • Sewing
  • Planning trip to Montana
  • Walking with Bumblebee
  • Cleaning
What does your week in bullet points look like?


Emily said...

My week in bullet points:
* Memorial Day Cookout
* Take kids to the park
* Plan weekly menu and go shopping
* Spend time with grandparents
* Try to stay on top of laundry
* Read!!!!
* Celebrate 11th wedding anniversary on Friday :)

Nev said...

A typical week in Bullet Point:

* get up way too early (5:30am)
* take train way too early (6:30am)
* try to stay calm in the office and don't punch HER
* tray to finish your work..which is the same thing every day
* Sushi for lunch?
* take the train home (5:44pm)
* dinner, film, www?
* fall to bed (10pm-ish)
* do it all over again the next day...

Soon it will be different though *pads.round.belly* :)

Stacy said...

Mine would be:
- lunch with friends
- lots 'o emails
- talked to HQ today
- meeting with boss
- prepare for book club Sunday
- clean apartment
- watch Glee
- learn new camera

Mostly good things....

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