Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Week: The Few Things I Know So Far

While I haven't been a mother for very long I have been living it for the past year and a half; preparing with pregnancy, childbirth and now 7 1/2 months with a little girl. I am not an expert and I don't think anybody really can be as each experience must be unique. What I do know so far is constantly bouncing around in my mind as I catalog experiences I have had and think about the future that I have as a mother.


More than anything I have learned that motherhood is full of gifts.

The gift of being able to love someone with an intensity that is knows no bounds; as in you don't mind much if their poop or boogers end up on you.

The gift of being able to connect with other women. When I had Cordelia it was like a light turned on and I could see all of these women around me, waiting to offer their love and support.

The gift of being able to give. I know just how exhausting it is to give and give, but I am fully aware that it is such a gift. I am able to get over my own self and just give without feeling sorry for myself on sleepless nights or needing any thanks, it is just about giving.

The gift of loving my husband even more, who knew that was even possible. He and I have gone through, and continue to go through, some pretty amazing moments and I love him more than ever.

The gift of appreciating my parents in a whole new way, realizing that they did all of this for me and my brothers.

So this mother's day will be a time that I reflect with gratitude on all that I have been given.

Tomorrow I bring the big guns, a tribute to my mom.

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Emily said...

Your friendship is a gift to me! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

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