Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Week: Grandma Grace

Today let's talk about my mother's mother, my Grandma Grace. Again she is a beauty, I am lucky to have loads of beautiful women in my family in case you hadn't already noticed.

My Grandma Grace was well named, she has such grace of spirit. She has had more than her fair share of tough circumstances, but you would never know by meeting this woman. She is so filled with love you'd assume that she's led a charmed life. She is also a mother to four children. She has grandchildren and great grandchildren as well.

1Mom Grandma and I
My mom, Me, Grandma Grace

Most of my life I've felt a special artistic connection to my Grandma Grace. She is a painter, a really gifted painter as a matter of fact. My mom swears that the artist gene skips a generation and that she's a carrier...though this isn't true, my mom is really creative. Anyway, my early memories are always of my Grandmother the artist. I was awed by her abilities and I always sought out her most recent works when we would visit.

grandma G
Grandma Grace with her GrandDog, Bumblebee.

Grandma Grace With Cordelia
Grandma Grace with Cordelia last December

She is so giving. When I say that there is no way I can express how much of her self and her time she has given to her children and great grandchildren. She has made us all to feel so special and important. Her faith, her love, her grace and her strength are all attributes that I hope to pass on for generations to come.


Anonymous said...

Everyone should have someone like her in their lives. We are all enriched by her example of giving and caring.

Elizabeth said...

cordelia is going to treasure these pictures of her with her grandmas! what a treat for her to get to know all these lovely women, too!

Emily said...

Her name seems to match her spirit! I am loving all of these posts honoring the mothers in your life.

elizabeth said...

i linked to you today. :)

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