Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Week: Other Mothers

I think it's important to also mention other mothers this week; women who have mothered, but might not be actual mothers.


Aunts, I have several aunts and great aunts who maybe didn't mother me in a traditional sense, but were part of the mothering collective. I think, particularly for women, that a group of supportive women is essential. Growing up I had no shortage of aunts showing me how they loved their own children and how they loved me. The loving embrace of an aunt is familiar, yet somehow different than that of parents. Aunts are those women who you can trust and turn to, knowing their love will always be there.

In-Laws, being the married woman that I am I must think of my mother-in-law and my sisters-in-law. They all helped to shape the man that I love so dearly. I am so thankful for their influences as they apparently did an amazing job because my husband is awesome. My sisters-in-law each have 4 children and I think that pretty much just deserves a hats off because that's a big job!

Friends, be it friends of the same age or women of an older and wiser generation I have had the good fortune to have several women who reached out to me and connected. Sometimes it is the open heart of a female friend, acting in a motherly manner, that is what the spirit needs.

Animal mothers, I am a mother to many animals, caring for them as my own and I know many of you are too. Taking on the care and love for any living being is a form of mothering. Most women I know have become parents to some animal's life.

I think that this merely scratches the surface, but the point is clear, women are pretty much just natural nurturers and I think it is that nurturing spirit that we celebrate.

Who are some of the other mothers in your life?


Sarah Kramer said...

Smooches to you! :)

affectioknit said...

I'm loving your series on Mothers!

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

You were a mother (of sorts) to me for a good long bit there in college - thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I've been mothered by my daughter...strangely very sweet.

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