Saturday, May 15, 2010

The State of Things


We had some snow this past week, in fact it was several inches of snow. Thankfully it is warm enough that it quickly melted and the flowers all seem to have survived. There is still snow on the mountains in the distance, but it's slowly receding and soon it will be hiding in the shadows right on the top of the mountain. I am getting anxious for spring, or at this point summer. I have seedlings which are ready and raring to go. Container garden season is upon us. Are you planting yet?

Last week our little family was a bit sick with the springtime sniffles, thankfully it wasn't bad and it is all passing quickly.

Eric had his follow up dental work yesterday and he came home with a lopsided face, it was really cute. I laughed at him for a while and kept asking him to smile for me. He said his eyelid was even numb.

Next month we are taking a trip to our beloved Montana! We are so excited to introduce Cordelia and Bumblebee to the homeland. You haven't seen beauty until you've seen Montana in the spring. Oh, my heart hurts when I think about it. I can't wait!!!! Have you ever been to Montana? Do you have a place that you think of as home?


Stacy said...

Yay, a trip to home.... my "other" home does not exist anymore. It was a family vacation spot on Lake Muskoka in Ontario.

Helena said...

Snow!? We finally have summer over here. It came all of a sudden and now we can wear t-shirts and shorts.

Never been to Montana, I think. Hope to see some pictures.

Robin said...

Can't wait to see you!

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