Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back Home Again

Yesterday was the last leg of our first family vacation. We laughed, we cried (or at least one of us did), we had a great time.

On the road
On the road somewhere in Montana

We left Billings mid-morning. Cordelia was asleep within minutes. We planned much of our travel around nap times. The result was that we only had one crying outburst of less than 15 minutes for the entire trip! She as a little whiney a few times, but overall we really can't complain with how well she has done with travel-- thank goodness. Bumblebee was a real trooper too. She only whined as we pulled into cities because she knew that it meant she'd get a play break.

I got the car crazies

Eric and I chatted for the drive, which was probably the best thing about the entire trip, lots of time to talk. We had uninterrupted conversation, which is something we truly cherish.

About to return to Wyoming


Lunch from GFS
Lunch from The Good Food Store

My crew
My crew

We stopped at a rest stop in Sheridan and had some lunch. We had baked tofu wraps with spicy edamame sauce and a salad from The Good Food Store in Missoula. YUMMMMM. Also in the cooler we packed several vegan essentials, but most importantly the baked tofu from The Good Food Store.

Just outside of Sheridan, WY

We walked into our house sometime yesterday afternoon. The house smelled stuffy and there were a few chunks of cat hair laying around, but all was in good order (thanks mom!). Eric and I got things put away pretty quickly. Bumblebee wandered around whining and investigating all of the cat business that must have gone on. She then passed out completely, enough that I checked her breathing several times. Apparently she was exhausted. Cordelia took a nap, we had some food and fell right back into life in Wyoming. Happy to be home and bursting with new ideas and motivations!


Stacy said...

Welcome home!

Robin said...

Yes, welcom home and goodbye to the car crazies!

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