Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day in Missoula

We spent a wonderful (and rainy) day in Missoula. We met up with friends, revisited some old haunts and filled our hearts with Montana love. We also bought an I Love Missoula t-shirt, my all time favorite tea Evening in Missoula (click here), and a sticker that reads I love Montana (because we do). The time has passed all too quickly. We'll be back and maybe next time it will be forever.

We drove on what we call the Blue Mountain Drive. When Eric and I were having a day where we just needed a little taste of beauty, nature, escape we could take this drive and feel like we'd left civilization, even though it's only a few minutes from the city. It felt like home as we re-took the drive.

Next we went to Finnegan's, the restaurant sits OVER a river. We used to go there every single day. We got to know the staff, they often gifted us with free coffees, meals and once even gave us (poor college students at the time) unsolicited money to visit our family on a trip out of town. When we stopped in we only half expected to see anyone we knew, it has been 5 years, but there were many familiar faces. It was great to see our friends again.

After Finnegan's we visited Jacob's Island, an off leash dog park. Before we adopted Bumblebee I was weirdly obsessed with dogs and I would visit this park and just watch dogs being dogs (creepy I know). This trip I triumphantly went with my own dog and Bumblebee enjoyed herself thoroughly.

He's so dreamy.

C and Me
Cordelia and I enjoyed our time in the park as well.

The M on the mountain is probably for Maria right?

Out to lunch
Missoula has this great summer program called Out to Lunch. Every Wednesday in the summer there is a band and tons of local restaurants that have a little party of sorts. Kids, adults, hippies, transients, business men, and dogs all let their freak flags fly.

Smooching under an  umbrella
My hubby and my lady
We went to a few of the must visit places and of course had to tour our old campus. We spent the first half of our 20s there.

wet flowers

We will Miss(oula) this beautiful city. Ahhh, my heart is full. I love my home state. Today we are starting the return trip home. First another stop at the Good Food Store (we brought a cooler), maybe a look at Rockin Rudy's and one more tour of the town. Of course we will take our sweet time, visit a few more friends and soak up every last morsel of Montana that we can. I hope you, my dear reader, are enjoying a trip to my Montana.



Stacy said...

Thank you for the tour! It's great to see a place you love so much. And, I too went to my college yesterday.

bel said...

What a pretty place! I am enjoying your visit.

kirsten said...

You take beautiful pictures.

Tammie said...

its all so pretty. i can tell you really love montana. i hope your little family can one day make it there permanently.

oh and that food store looks awesome.

AKM said...

It looks beautiful! I've never been to Montana, so I guess I've been missing out. Would you say it's comparable to Colorado in atmosphere and climate? I am seriously contemplating a move out West once I'm done with my MSW in two years, and Colorado is my favorite state. I know you've lived in both places, so what's your take?

Jessica Harrington said...


affectioknit said...

That looks like a lovely place to visit!

sophie said...

It's been wonderful! There are aspects that remind me of my home strangely enough!

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

I enjoyed the Christmas I spent with you guys in Montana - super awesome.

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