Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Trip

Yesterday morning I opened my eyes and saw the sun streaming in through the blinds and leaving a pattern of light and shadow waving on the wall. I lay there quietly recalling the strange dream I'd had. Soon the house was awake, baby sounds, dog whines, a sweet good morning from the love of my life, cats meowed. I am sometimes amazed at how much life we can pack into our little home. I made breakfast, had my morning juice...and a cookie for good measure (what?! I'm a grown up).

My mom soon texted me that she was on her way over. I hustled to finish getting Cordelia and I ready; we were headed for a day trip out of town. I am one of those people who gets ready in 15 minutes or less (25 when I factor in showering). So I was ready as my mother arrived. We loaded our car with food for a picnic in north-eastern Wyoming. Eric had to work and couldn't join us, so it was a ladies only type of day.

We left town a little after 9am and headed into the rolling green hills of Wyoming. We had only a couple of hours to drive until we arrived at our destination. My mother told me stories about her youth and I listened. I chatted about whatever nonsense was on my mind and she listened. Cordelia slept and then happily played by herself in the car seat. Thank goodness she is a good traveler.

We arrived around lunch time. My grandmother Grace, aunt Tina, cousin Stephen, and uncle Mike all met us for sandwiches in the park. Incidentally the park was flooded...second picnic in a flooded park within one week. We take picnicking to the extreme in my family. I mean, what's a picnic without an element of danger (OK not really danger)? I am sorry not to show any real photos of my extended family, but I forgot to ask their permission...

Uncle, Cordelia, and my mom
Meeting her great uncle for the 1st time

After lunch we went to visit my great grandmother Rose for a while. Cordelia put on the cute show, going through her skill set (So Big, clapping, crawling, giggling, etc). Finally we headed for one more stop at my grandmother's house. Cordelia was hysterically tired, but instead of crying she laughed and laughed at my grandmother's Pomeranian Sophie.

Mom and Cordelia
At my grandma Grace's home

Grandma's art
Grandma Grace's newest in progress paintings

We headed back home and there was more talking with my mother as sweet Cordelia slept quietly the entire way home.

When we got back to the house there again was all of the life. Cordelia was wide awake, Bumblebee was wild with joy and there was that guy that I love. Another day to be thankful for.


Stacy said...

You are such a positive, delightful person! And it sounds like a lovely day. I'm glad you had such fun.

Emily said...

That is my kind of day!

elizabeth said...

hahahaha - picnics at flooded parks. :) i love a picnic - anywhere. my kiddos and i picnicked on our front porch on tuesday evening - in the shade, in the breeze . . .

sounds like a lovely day with your mom and your babe. :)

Robin said...

Family road trips can be so much fun!

affectioknit said...

Family is so much fun!

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