Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I have always known that I had a really great father. Since my memory begins I can recall my dad playing with me (Barbies even). He knows how to make a kid feel special and important. He never skimped on the love and encouragement. I have seen him be a father to my brothers and a father-in-law to my husband. I can't really express how truly amazing he is. He has been there to talk with me as I find my way as an adult. He encourages and gently guides, helping us to reach our potential. We always know that right behind us he is there to support and love.

Dad with Cordelia

Now I get to watch him be an amazing grandfather to Cordelia. She knows that Grandpa means fun! They already have little rituals and routines and I can see such a special relationship developing. Since I didn't get to have my own grandfathers around it is an extra special treat to see these two together!

Then there is the father of my daughter. I have always known he would be a good father, but to see it in action is such a gift.

father and daughtre

Cordelia and her dad have such a sweet relationship. She loves to give him hugs, to play, and he always makes her scream with laughter.

Eric and Cordelia

It's still been less than a year, but seeing Eric transform into a full fledged father has been a special gift to us all. He is tender, funny, loving and playful. I watch as the two of them play and develop their own unique way of relating to each other and I am so excited to see their love grow over a lifetime, just as my relationship has grown with my own father.

Happy Father's Day!


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AKM said...

Happy first Father's Day to Eric! I hope it was a special day that he will always remember.

Happy Father's Day to your very cool St. Louis Cardinals-fan father, too! :-)

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