Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pun Masters and Ben

We have a loose tradition of going over to my parent's house on Sunday evenings. I say loose because sometimes we don't do it if someone has something else planned. We hang out for a few hours. Mostly we just spend the time watching Cordelia as my dad and Eric make bad jokes and puns, laughing at themselves like they are hilarious (please pronounce that in your mind as hee-lair-eee-us). Usually they try and drag me into it because I laugh at really stupid things and it makes them feel good about their bad jokes. After we've all been through the new parade of puns and jokes, often building on puns of the past, when my mother, brother Sam and I are all exhausted from the eye rolling and knee slapping (Eric likes to slap his own knee for emphasis) we sit down for dinner.

Growing up we never had family dinner on Sunday night. My mom would throw in the towel one meal a week and we were forced to fend for ourselves. Weird things happened (the maple syrup and peanut butter in a cup kind of weird) and that was how it went for many years. Now, it's all different. We cook food, we eat it, the puns continue.

For father's day we decided to take the pun show on the road. We went out for a picnic in the park. However, this is Wyoming and nothing is ever simple, that's part of the fun. The park was flooded. The wind was blowing. We all weighted down our plates and napkins and ate our meal. The jokes and puns continued as anticipated, possibly with greater force, a force that I think I will blame on father's day.

Bench in the flooded park

Eric and Dad
The pun masters?

Feeding Cordelia
Feeding time

Sam, C and I
Checking out the flooded river

Mom and Cordelia
My mom and daughter

Finally it is my brother Ben's birthday!

Baby Ben
Ben in his younger days
A brother is a friend given by Nature. ~Jean Baptiste Legouve

Happy birthday Ben! Why don't you come up here and let us celebrate your birth. I love you!


AKM said...

Happy birthday to Ben! Family is THE most important thing on earth, no question. Your family sounds so amazing...love your stories! And that picture of your mom and Cordelia! Seriously, how photogenic are those two?! SO darling!

Emily said...

What a "pun" day! :) We got together with my parents for a Father's Day dinner as well. In fact, I made your "wacky cake" recipe for dessert and it was delicious!!

Oh and Cordelia looks so cute in red! Can't wait to meet her in person someday....

Stacy said...

Happy birthday Ben! I hope he had a good day.

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