Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Topics: Lots of Photos

Being taped for the news
Eric being filmed for the news.
1. The News
Yesterday Eric was on the news! Yes, he was on the news, dressed up like he is in the Army. He isn't in the Army. He is a curator. Well, yesterday his curatorial duties included a camp for kids where he dressed like a WWII Army guy and talked about rations. He met a newscaster, again! We're all over the news here in Wyoming.

On TV again
Eric on the news.

on TV
Eric handing out "war rations" on the news.
2. Walking
Also, have I mentioned that Cordelia has gone from a few clumsy steps to tearing her way through the house, often carrying her 3 best friends--3 coasters? She looks sort of like King Kong with her wobbly gait and her arms thrown above her head, just like her mother. I'm kidding, no it's true I walk like King Kong---no I don't (yes I do).

On the go.

So cute
So cute!
3. Thrifting
Finally,after a long day of cleaning we stopped at a thrift store and I got quite a haul for less than $10 total. Missing from the photos is a cake donut pan.

A runner.

8 handmade napkins

Several yards of fabric

thrifted clothes
A Bunch of clothes for Cordelia

Another scarf

So, overall it was a wonderful and productive day.


Mason-Jezek Journal said...

Yay for the news! Yay for the walking (even if it is like King Kong...we all start somewhere and for the record you don't walk like King Kong.) And Yay for thrifty finds!! :) Sounds like you guys are doing great. We miss you down here. Give the little lady a squeeze for us!

AKM said...

Wow, that's a lot of cool for one day! On the news AGAIN?! Soon, y'all are gonna git yer own show, I tell ya. All of Wyoming will be clamoring to watch "The Eric and Maria Good-Times Fun Hour, with Special Guest Miss Cordelia." Seriously, you need your own show. That would rock!

Love Cordelia's little face in all of her photos. She just seems to have such a sweet, peaceful aura about her. (And I'm sure you two don't walk like King Kong...HA! Well, SHE might, being a newbie and all. I'm sure it's darling, though.)

Awesome thrift-y finds! Love the quilt-y napkins and that fabric. (I'm a sucker for the blue-green-purple combo favorite colors!)

Stacy said...

Awesome thrifty finds!! And how does it feel to have a famous husband? Seriously, you're going to need me to move out there and be security soon.

Maria Rose said...

Ha we will need some security, or at least an entourage!

Tammie said...

ooh what a fun thrifting haul.

and you two are like celebs in wyoming!

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