Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fair Enough and Giveaway #5

Yesterday we went to the fair. My parents, Sam, Eric, Cordelia and I. Fun was had by all.

I am in this, OK that's a total lie. None of us rode that.

A former farmer, my dad couldn't resist a wistful look at the tractors.

My mother showing the rockets. She used to make them when she was a wee little lass. Apparently she chased them for miles. I think, perhaps, she wants a small rocket for her b-day.

fun house
Sam and I at the fun house, it was kinda fun.

My dad...just being my dad. Seriously, he held this pose for quite some time while I prepped the camera.

ma and pa
My parents, scoping the scene. Too cool for the fair.

in line for pole position
Eric and Sam in line to ride POLE POSITION. Yep, that's Eric giving the ol' thumbs up. Sam is wearing a shirt called, The Many Moods of Chuck Norris.

pole position
On the ride Pole Position. I think they might have been crying, just a guess though.

watching pole position
Watching Pole Position

on the slide
Me on the giant slide. I had a conversation with a carnie at the top of the slide, informative.

Finally, today is GIVEAWAY DAY 5!!!!!!!!!!
To get another entry into the giveaway pot just tell me one of your favorite posts. I'm curious. Or you can tell me something else if you'd prefer.

Just a reminder this is my 998th post. I will be announcing the winners on my 1,000th post! Be sure and enter!!!


Rebecca said...

I'm torn between the Cordelia sagas, spanning the last 9 months and the Bumblebee stories. Probably my all time favorite is Bumblebee's bath!

Emily said...

I remember the post with the title "The Biggest Little Thing Ever" and I just knew....I was SO happy for you all. :)

Momma CupKate said...

I love hearing about your little one, (am drawn to mommy bloggers like a moth to the flame), but one of my favorites (cause who can choose only one) was June 8. I fear death, quite often, yet don't believe we have only one death. I underwent a psychological metamorphosis several years ago. I joke that karma caught up with me and got even, lol, but I'm grateful to be an entirely different person today than I was 10 years ago. I'm proud of who I am now; I don't think I could have said that before.

I felt connected to that post because you didn't put death on a pedestal. You included it with the everyday beauty of your life, and that is just how I include death.

Just realized you didn't ask for a huge explanation, but there you go.

char said...

Oh wow, that shot of you on the giant slide is HILARIOUS. One of my favorite posts would have to be the one where Cordelia is devouring pickles. Her face is just too ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You posted some painting lessons a while back. I was one of the people hiding in the anonymity of the internet and didn't comment. Now I can tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog every day. It was a good lesson! Keep them coming please, they are just getting better!

Tammie said...

i love the kindness bandit posts. so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda silly, but I think I would have to say that I really enjoy the post/posts where it's someone in your families birthday. You write such sweet things about why you love them how funny they are and the special things they do that make them the person they are. It must watm their heart to read that on their special day:)


the dwellers said...

As my three dear children were climbing up the giant slide at last year's county fair, the 'carnie' standing next to me screams up to the top, "Don't let them go down yellow" and then explains to me that it is just about to collapse underneath.

Lovely, just what every mother wants to hear!

Oh, and my favorite post... The first one I read in 2008, when you honored Joe so beautifully!

E.K. said...

I like when you blog about how awesome I like 3/4 of your posts, right?

Michael said...

Well...I am partial to the post with the toaster painting..xo However, I am IN LOVE with your sweet family posts...this last one of Cordelia smiling upside it! I also like the posts of your favorite objects/collections...they give me that "girlfriend party" feeling...xoxoxo

Linda said...

I think Bumblebee stories have made me laugh the most times...

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the one of Cordelia eating carrots the first time. Those were the BEST pictures. Of course, my birthday ones are precious to me but I thought it might be too obvious to choose them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hey! I just figured out how to post a comment even when the box with the word verification is messed up. When it says "Visual Verification" and has the little red X just type anything you want. It didn't work but when it popped back to tell me there was a problem, it actually had a funny word to verify. So if anyone else was having that problem, there you go.

Michelle said...

I think my favorite was when you had bumblebee pick the winner for the guessing if Cordelia was going to be a boy or girl award. the pictures and set up were so funny!

Stacy said...

I like the Kindness Bandit posts... especially the treasure hunt one. And the pickle post with Cordelia of course.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the painting lesson and I really enjoy the Kindness Bandit. It inspired me to randomly send things to my friends the good ol' snail mail way.

Soley said...

oooo, I've kind of got my fingers crossed I can win that apron :).

I think some of those tractors in the picture with your dad were in the Lander parade. Really, I do!

What I like best about your blog...just the general vibe...peaceful, happy and present.

Clare said...

I am a newish reader, but I loved the cozy scenes from the hotels with Cordelia and Bumblebee. I love that feeling that wherever you are, if your loved ones are with you, you are home!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

that slide looks kinda amazing

AKM said...

I liked your pregnancy announcement (Jazz Hands!) and the Kindness Bandit. I also love hearing about your family. They are so cool!

Brittany said...

There was a post of bumblebee straddling a chair and couch that had a link to an older post with other pictures of her in various places around the house. Laughed for sooo long and made everyone in my house come and look. So funny. I love that dog!

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