Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life To DO List II

Last year almost to the day I made a life To DO list and I thought today I'd like to add to it, since I am still pretty much on the same page as I was a year ago. So here are a few additions to the life list:

I want to be an awesome vegan baker. I can cook, but baking just sort of started about a year ago. I am gaining confidence, thanks to EnerG Egg Replacer! I am slowly working up the courage to try layered cakes.

I want to have shows of my art more regularly. I took a long break with the whole baby/move/thesis combo, but now it's time to get back on track. Eric and I are meeting with a gallery owner next week! We're planning a show in the not too distant future!

I want to raise a daughter who has a healthy body image. I feel like this has to start with my perception of my own self. I have been working on this for years and now it's time to put it into practice.
  • I try to graciously accept compliments, even when I don't entirely agree. Why do women tend to put themselves down when they receive a compliment? Makes me sad.
  • I try to eat healthy and exercise, but also indulge occasionally...trying for a healthy balance.
  • I try my hardest not to put myself down, this is a tough one, but probably the most important.
Hopefully she will just grow up thinking she is as beautiful and wonderful as I think she is...and I truly hope she see's others with a kind eye as well.

Continue my battle to live without nail polish. I haven't caved yet! I had a weak moment recently when I saw a girl with beautiful toenails that looked like little apples on the end of her feet (it was pretty, my description sounds a bit creepy). I thought, maybe I could just wear nail polish on my toes. Then I had a flash back to when toenail polish left my toenails yellow, looking like the toes of a 90 year old man. Victory for one battle, but the war still continues.

gentle donkey

I really want to rescue a gentle donkey. Have I mentioned how much I love me a gentle donkey (oh yeah here and here) ? I don't actually know what I want to do with a gentle donkey but in my mind's eye we sit in sweet green grass on a hillside. I will sip pink lemonade and the gentle donkey will gentle nuzzle me and ask for a treat, also the gentle donkey talks in my little daydream...anyway...

I want to buy a home. We keep getting closer, but then something happens and we back off. I am ready to be done with renting, but for now at least we have a place to call home.

I want to make sure my friends and family feel loved and appreciated, this is very important to me.

Have all of my teeth throughout my life. I am not talking about hanging onto to snaggle teeth, but rather taking such good care of my teeth that at my funeral (at the ripe old age of 116) I temporarily blind a few people with their vibrancy, not that people should be looking at teeth at a funeral, but you get the idea.

Anyway I think this list is slowly slipping into nonsense. Maybe we should just hear from you, my dear reader, what's on your life to do list?


affectioknit said...

Sweet list! and sweet donkey!

Abigail Jasmine said...

Lovely blog here!

I love life-lists..I actually wrote one out thee other day!

I'd love to be a great vegan-baker, too! :)

Do share your great recipes and yummy-ness!


Daphne said...

Your list is so adorable. All your teeth! What a good goal! :)

I agree with you on the body image thing... it takes a long time. I've been seriously working on it for about 6-8 years (like, consciously working on it) and it's getting much easier but I still fall off the wagon sometimes.

I'm curious about your nail polish aversion. I can't wear polish on my fingernails (it chips almost immediately) but I love to wear it on my toenails. I always put on a 'shield' coat of clear before putting polish on. That seems to help with any discoloration.

Maria Rose said...

Daphne, I never did an undercoat...too lazy perhaps. Mostly I am just too impatient to let things dry properly. I also chip everything always!

Stacy said...

Body image has been on my mind a lot recently. I think, for the most part, I have a pretty healthy body image and I wish that was the case with more people.

I love the donkey one. My cousin, when he got engaged,gave his wife an engagement miniature horse instead of a ring. (Random story for today.)

Momma CupKate said...

I have just created my own to-do list, (which has entirely to do with bettering myself and nada to do with ... you know, shopping, lol.)

Loved and adored the thanks-for-reading-my-blog gifts! What a great treat for doing something I already love!

Ben said...

That will be the creepiest funeral ever if the mortician poses you with your mouth open and smiling.

sophie said...

I think raising my girls is an ongoing 'to do' priority for me. I seem to go from one to the other as they need me but I love doing that. I want a paid job - money right now means opportunities and I want lots of opportunities. I would like to be more organised, that would be awesome, to actually feel like I was in control of my life!!

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