Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Night Out

Last night we called up my brother to see if he wanted to go to the local baseball game. We had some free tickets and some free time so we decided to head out.

The weather was perfect, a slight breeze, some sun, not too hot or cold. We grabbed some seats in the stands and did a lot of people watching and a little bit of game watching.

Two Ladies
Goofing off at the game

We spotted the newscaster hub and spent a lot of time daring each other to go and get our pictures taken with them, or whatever. Sam, my brother, offered me $20 to go and get their autographs. I readily agreed because I planned to go and tell them that my brother was too shy to ask them. Unfortunately Sam was too quick and he figured out my plan, so it goes. The other newscaster bit-o-info is that Eric talked to one of them. Kudos to Eric, he's raised the bar.

Newscaster sightings! Woot woot

Cordelia was really excited about all of the clapping and happily participated.

The two of us
She's clapping

It was a beautiful night

My crew
My loves, she's clapping again

With her dad
Watching the game, sort of

Sam, Cordelia and I
With my brother

We left before the game was over because Cordelia was getting tired and the local team was losing miserably, so we just decided to call it a night. Overall it was a beautiful all-American kind of night out.


Stacy said...

I adore your positivity and the way you can make everything sound like a delightful adventure!!

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Stacy, you made me happy!

Sarah Kramer said...

Love that first photo of you two. :)

sophie said...

Cordelia is so cute, I love her sweet little smiles, what a joy she is!!

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