Monday, July 26, 2010

Nude Ring Finger

My ring finger is nude and it feels weird. Oh wait, maybe I should start at the beginning. Way back when I was but a wee little lass in love. Eric had just nervously proposed and I, of course, accepted. The ring was one we had looked at months earlier, but I had thought it was just something we'd done to kill time one afternoon. I didn't realize that Eric had made a note of it and saved up to buy it. The ring is perfect, suits us 100%, antiqued gold and a small beautiful diamond.

nude finger

Anyway, back to the proposal. I put the ring on my finger, on the wrong hand. Who knew? I'd never been engaged before and I hadn't given much thought to which hand wore the jewelry. I went to show off the ring and my mom quickly and quietly corrected my mistake.

The next morning I woke up and before I even opened my eyes I used my thumb to feel that ring, to make sure it was still in place. So began a years long practice of unconsciously checking my finger, making sure the ring was still there.

A few years ago I noticed the ring was getting loose. Then I got pregnant and I figured my hands would swell-problem solved, no dice. My ring continued to get more loose. I think maybe my youth is leaving me hands first and they are withering, just a theory at this point.

When I was on a walk last summer I made a wide gesture (a habit I certainly picked up from Eric) and my ring went flying, right along with the wedding band. I recovered them both and decided that they needed to move up to my middle finger until I could get them re-sized.

Last fall my aunt asked if I wore my bands on my middle finger for some special reason. I wish I had a cool reason, but I didn't. Time continued to pass and still I didn't get the rings re-sized.

Finally on Saturday we were walking downtown at CRAZY DAYS and I spotted a jewelry shop. I walked in with my crew to find an empty shop.
"I'll be right down," called a feeble elderly voice.
Soon a white haired woman climbed down a step ladder. She had jewelers glasses on over her eye glasses, making her eyes rather enormous. I would also like to mention that she had a pit bull named Samantha.

I left my rings in her care, waiting to be adjusted by two full sizes. So now I am obsessively checking my fingers for rings and there is nothing there, weird for sure. I can't wait to put the rings back home on my finger, where they belong.

* For the record this blog post was originally called naked finger and Eric thought that was creepy, but he was OK with the more artistic use of the word nude.


Stacy said...

Oh, I'm sure that is a weird feeling indeed! I always have a ring on my right hand and when I forget it, the steering wheel feels strange. Hope they are back soon!

Clare said...

Naked Finger should be a band.(oo-and there's the pun too! Ring/band? Sorry) I am obsessed with wedding rings. I have been married for 15 years and have changed my ring a few times(is that terrible?I keep the man, though.) But they are fascinating to me. When you get it back you should show us Decent Finger.

Helena said...

You have such slender fingers!

I hardly ever wear rings, I find them so uncomfortable. But I would like to!

Emily said...

You do have long, slender fingers! I have the opposite ring problem right now as mine is fitting a little too snug. I, unfortunately, have short, pudgy fingers. *sigh*

Robin said...

For some reason, you wearing it on your middle finger fits you perfectly to me!

sophie said...

Oh yes that would be strange. I keep wanting to have my rings cleaned properly but having to take them off and leave them somewhere freaks me out!! Do we get to have a look at them when they are fixed?

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

OMG! I know what you are going through! A couple months ago ( I know, we are procrastinating) my ring broke. I know, it just...BROKE. So it needs to be saudered back together... we have taken it around to get price estimates, but we keep saying, "ok, maybe next week after you we get paid". needless to say, by finger is still nude.

detail dwellers said...

Fun post. Hope your rings are returned soon and fit perfectly.

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