Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is Our Life

Last night Eric and I had a date night. We dropped Cordelia off with my mother and Sam (my dad is at the family farm in Montana this week). Cordelia has developed a special relationship with each member of my family and it's so neat to see it in action. Last night as we pulled her out of her car seat she walked, arms in the air, straight to my mother. So it was pretty easy to leave her and not feel too sick about it. No tears or anything, on either part.

Eric and I had a lovely dinner. We slowed down, ate and talked. We have no shortage of topics, just as it has always been. We reflected on how much has changed in this past year, how thankful we are, we talked about art, film, etc. Generally we just took our sweet time.

We picked up Cordelia. She was fast asleep in my mother's arms. Apparently my mother started to sing to her and didn't make it halfway through one verse before Cordelia was completely passed out. We carefully loaded the sleeping little girl into her car seat where she promptly awoke.

When we got home she decided that it was no longer bed time. She rolled on the ground, played, ran for the dog water and carried her coasters around the house. The animals were hanging out lounging with us, save Ophelia who was probably brooding under the bed, still angry that I cut her hair.

The scene
Bumblebee, Mia and some loose coasters

I looked at Eric and he said, "This is our life."

I smiled and said, " I know, I love it."

He laughed as Cordelia bounced between the two of us giving kisses (kisses= a delightful open mouthed application of drool) and said, "Me too."

What's your life like?


Momma CupKate said...

I love this feeling. Life is good.

Stacy said...

This week has been busy yet too long at the same time. I can't wait for the weekend, a one day week, and then staycation!

Jarrod B. said...

Sarah and I say the exact same things to each other in moments like the one you guys shared last night and also in the crazy stressful moments as well. We generally begin laughing hysterically when we say those things in the really tough moments. Because as tough as being a parent can be at times, it just doesn't get any better! As a kid and teenager having a family and an incredible wife is what I always dreamed of having...and it has only exceeded the highest expectations possible! Miss you guys and wish we could share these moments together in person...but I'm glad you keep us posted with your blogs!

AKM said...

My life is gearing up to be CRAZY in August. It will be all about moving in 500 students, and then I start grad school. Oy! Color me scared...and excited...and nervous...and tired already... ;-)

I'm totally cracking up over Cordelia and her beloved coasters! So funny! Children and animals find the silliest things to play with, don't they? Jackie-Cat's favorite toy is an empty plastic tape spool.

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