Monday, July 19, 2010

Toilet Fountain and Giveaway Day 6

Late yesterday morning Eric and I had some soy latte's as we drove around the outskirts of town, Cordelia was sleeping soundly in the back seat. We used to go out for coffee, but have discovered that the newborn that would sleep through anything and everything has somehow turned into a big baby (I can't call her a toddler yet and you can't make me) who is interested in everything. So, rather than risk waking her up we just did the around town cruise. We talked and made each other laugh as we drove around sipping our soy latte's.

When Cordelia woke up in the car seat and started chatting we decided to head home. We had to meet with the plumber at 1 o'clock anyway. You see, the other night while we had company our toilet decided to turn into a water park. Our guest on Friday night was using the restroom and was in there for a while. A polite hostess never mentions such things, but when he came out we learned that his absence was a result of our toilet. Ah, just what one wants to hear while company is over.

So anyway, the toilet sprays out of the tank, the clean part, though anything spraying out of a toilet doesn't actually feel clean. It sprays a fine mist several feet, no avoiding it. It also flows over the back like a new Wyoming waterfall. So, we played the renter card and called our landlord who said the repair man would be there in 30 minutes. Two hours later a very ill looking man arrived and said he couldn't fix it without certain parts. So we rescheduled for him to come by at one on Sunday afternoon.

I asked Eric at 1 how late he thought the repairman would be and he smiled. We waited for four hours and he never showed up or called us back, so we are still dealing with the toilet/fountain feature in our bathroom.

Mom, Cordelia and I
The girls

Peanuts, just because

Thankfully we had made evening plans with my mother to take our mind off of the bathroom situation. We met up at the ball park to watch a game/people watch. My dad and Sam totally bailed on us. We ran into a few friends, they have a 2 year old son who likes to hug Cordelia's head. The evening was lovely, chatting, trading off Cordelia who was in a great mood as well. We spotted a couple of newscasters, but nothing major.

Watching something awesome happen in the game

The highlight was when one of the players dramatically slid to second base, but he came up a little short, like by several feet. So he rapidly crawled to the base, he made it.

Monkey baby

Giveaway Day 6!!!
Wow, it's been nearly a week of giveaway's already. It has gone so fast, but it has been so much fun to hear your comments and to hear from some of you who have been quiet for so long!

Today just leave me a comment for an opportunity to have another entry into the giveaway! If you haven't already you can go back over the other 5 posts and follow the directions in order to get more entries.


Momma CupKate said...

Toddler, Hah! Such nonsense. My friend and I called our boys (who are 5 months apart) babies until they turned 3. Now that's a rule. Baby she still is!

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

I like Cordelia's little rainbow star shorts - too cute!

Stacy said...

I heart Monkey Baby! :-) And, of course, newcaster sightings. I swear if I ever see Philly news people I'll take photos for you!

Brittany said...

Ha! I would love to see a baseball player crawling as fast as he can to a base. Him and Cordelia should race. I bet she would win!

Anonymous said...

Oh the toilet story... In our last house we had 2 bathrooms which meant if we had company they could use it and then until I got a chance to clean it we would all use the other bathroom, I'm a bit of a clean freak when it comes to peoples behinds on our toilet. The crazy thing is that because I'm a little obsessive about that the universe tried to teach me a lesson. There was a period of time when strangers and some family form all over would come and use our bathroom, in so doing poop was left on the toilet, it got plugged up a friend showed up with a stranger (his girlfriend, stranger to me) and was in there for like 15 minutes, not a pee break, the cable man yes the cable man! my mom and dad in-law went to dinner with their friends, after dinner the friend wasn't feeling well so they came to our house for her to use the bathroom.
Anyway to sum this up, sorry I rambled, we only have one bathroom now and I am fully prepared to LIE and tell who ever comes over that the toilet is broken and they can dig a hole in the backyard.


AKM said...

Baseball games are the BEST, aren't they? You really should grab your dad and head to St. Louis for a Cards game! :-) (Your mom and Sam are welcome to come, too, of course, ha ha!)

char said...

I feel sorry for you with your toilet situation! Are you still able to use it??

the dwellers said...

Don't be surprised if you still think of her as your baby ten years from now... I hear it can happen. :)

Clare said...

We live in earthquake country and I have always read that, if need be, you can drink the water from the tank. But this, obviously, would be my last resort!

Victoria said...

Sweet baby toes!

Hello Lindello said...

Cute sunglasses!!

Michelle said...

I didn't start calling Noah a toddler til he was 2! The picture of her foot is too cute!

P.S. Ima gonna get back to you about a time to meet up! Im working overnights at a new job (teaching English to Korean kids) and so everything is kind of crazy right now!

Emily said...

Boo for toilet fountains! I think there is a secret code that all plumbing fixtures abide by and that is to break when company is over. I think all toilets take an oath before they are sold. That's our experience anyway.

But yay for a certain adorable baby! She always makes me smile!

kirsten said...

*#!*ARGH to toilet problems!

Linda said...

My boy is nearly one and a half, and still is my baby!

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