Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Accidentally Involved in a Pet Parade and Bee's Procedure

We were accidentally involved in a pet parade this weekend. Late Saturday morning was beautiful, just slightly overcast enough to keep the air cool and a whisper of a breeze. Eric and I decided to take our show on the road. We loaded Cordelia into her little stroller and Bumblebee was leashed up.

We headed down the block and passed a guy with two purebred pit bulls (over which he had limited control) and a tattoo on his face. He was polite enough and kept his dogs off the sidewalk as we passed. I looked further down the sidewalk and saw more dogs, dogs in pants, dogs in hula skirts, dogs, dogs dogs. I wondered aloud if perhaps there was a dog show going on.

pet parade

We drew near and realized that lo and behold we had stumbled upon a very sorry little pet parade. We saw a girl with pointy ears and a Star Trek outfit; her dog sat in a radio flyer made to look like the Enterprise. A woman approached us and asked if we needed to sign in. We looked at each other, both pondering a spontaneous entry into the parade, but then decided to just continue on as spectators---who knew how long the pet parade would last?

We continued on our walk and happened to spot a newscaster doing an interview and we walked right on through the background (later we spotted ourselves on the news and high fived). We moved on to the park and played with Cordelia and Bumblebee for a bit and decided to head back home. Little did we know that the pet parade was about ready to make its triumphant journey. We just stepped off the sidewalk and watched as the parade passed us by.

There were mostly dogs wearing pants. A woman, we assume was wearing a hospital gown as a costume, either that or she jumped out of her hospital bed and ran to the pet parade, and ordered her dogs to wave at all the people (all of the people being Eric, Cordelia and I). There was a disco rooster and by disco rooster I mean a rooster who was led by a young girl wearing a disco costume. There was a hairless cat wearing a costume (Eric thinks the costume was a Native American and I think it was Little Miss Muffet) and riding in an enclosed baby carrier. There was also a boy and his fat black lab dressed as a spartan. The only other spectators were an elderly couple in their lawn chairs.

Sooo, that was interesting...made our day extra special.

Also, today we drop Bumblebee off for her surgery. I will update you when I know more.


affectioknit said...

That is so much FUN! I love Bumblebee's little sweater and wish her all the best with her surgery...

AKM said...

Here's to a swift recovery for Miss Bumblebee!

That parade! WOW. ;-)

elizabeth said...

i've just been reading and catching up with you. cordelia just grows cuter and cuter!

congratulations on your job! that should be very fun!

and your projects - i love the "new" rocking chair. :)

and you and eric and little miss c - i think you all like each other just as much as ben and maddie and isaac and i like each other. :) it's awesome!

hugs to you!

Momma CupKate said...

This is 6 different kinds of awesome.

Robin said...

Who knew WY would be so hip to have a pet parade!!!

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