Thursday, August 5, 2010

Afternoon in Photos

Wearing her new tutu, a gift from Grandma Sue

Yesterday afternoon started out in a pink tutu, the best way to start out any afternoon in my humble opinion. All went well until she heard the call of the dog water dish. Eric and I have to be eternally vigilant with regard to the water dish. Cordelia loooves to splash and then pour, which she did while I was taking the photo.

tutu and water bowl
Going after the water bowl

Later I did some sewing while Cordelia played with her clean laundry. When I write "played" what I really mean is that she spread an entire basket of clean laundry across an entire room, really it was a pretty thorough job on her part. Whatever keeps that little lady entertained and away from the water dish right?

Making a smoothie

Finished product

Then it was time for a mid-afternoon snack. I blended some strawberries, a banana and some vanilla almond milk. Oh and if you haven't tried vanilla almond milk you should, it's crazy good. After the smoothie was made Cordelia and I sat on the floor and took turns sipping from the cup.

Kissing the bay-bay.
Smooches happened.

Playing with basset animal
Her new BFF

Then it was onto snuggling with her stuffed basset hound. She loves to take it to Bumblebee's dog bed and lay there with it. Pretty sweet all around. She also loves to shove it's face into Bumblebee's, Bum does not appreciate it---though she tolerates it with her usual good nature.

playing with leash
With the dog leash

After that it was on to parading around the house with the dog leash.

mad that I took leash away

Then I took it away. She was not pleased.


She feel asleep.

Eric after work

Eric came home.

Looking out window
I looked out the window...

Storm a big thunderstorm hit. Perfect end to the afternoon!

What's your afternoon like?


Tammie said...

love these.

i wish i could start my day in a tutu.

AKM said...

Oh man, does SHE ever have the life! I wanna wear a pink tutu and play in the dog water and have a smoothie and scatter the laundry and play with stuffed doggies and the leash and then fall asleep. Babies have it made. ;-)

Anonymous said...

so sweet. such a lucky little lady to have such a wonderful family.


affectioknit said...

Yep! The tutu is awesome!

Stacy said...

Awesome day, especially the tutu. I spent the day in a prison... I'll be posting about it later.

Momma CupKate said...

I giggled at the narration. Very amusing all around, and I can't wait to try the milk! Darling tutu, by the by.

Robin said...

She's so stinkin' cute in that tutu!

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

vanilla almond milk is the best! and I love the tutu :)

my afternoons are almost always the same and consist of lunch, yoga, art, reading, laundry, research. (in no particular order)

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