Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer Type of Morning

Summer is slowly drawing to a close. Days are not quite so hot, nights are downright chilly. I awoke this morning to rumbles of thunder (and rumbles of hunger, I wake up ravenous) as the first raindrops began to fall.


Cordelia awoke for a moment and then fell asleep on her father. I sat there staring at them, they were just too sweet. Then I felt creepy for staring at sleeping people. I got over it and just grabbed the camera.


I made breakfast and turned on the lamps.



I put on a sweater.

entertaining herself


Watched on as Cordelia entertained herself.

The girls

What is your morning like today?


Emily said...

Do I see an Elmer the Elephant book in there? We love Elmer. I wish I had a real patchwork Elephant of my own.

Our morning is great because we are back home! I love coming home after a trip. The girls are at school, Mike is in the office working, Lucas is taking his morning nap, the washer and dryer are humming, and I'm about to sit down and write out a grocery list. That's it for us!

bel said...

I took my baby to her first day of big kid school. Now I'm relishing the quiet free time to read and write and do whatever without hearing, "Mommy?" every 10 seconds.

I used to love finding Lulu in her room "reading" when she was Cordelia-size!

Tammie said...

my kids are still in bed, so the apartment is very peaceful. but they need to get their bums out of bed soon.

i feel the shift in the weather too and i couldnt be happier.

AKM said...

Ooh, pictures of a baby reading! Yay! I love to see them discovering these treasures we call books.

Here in the Midwest, I can feel Autumn threatening to take over, but Summer just won't let her quite yet. I hope Autumn remains tenacious... :-)

sophie said...

I love sleeping Cordelia and Eric - so sweet. We are feeling the beginnings of seasonal change here too, finally it's warm and days are longer, love it!

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