Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Gallery Opening

Last night we went to our first gallery opening in our new(ish) town. Cordelia joined us; it was her first gallery opening ever. I am sure there will soon come a time when she rolls her eyes and pleads to be omitted from the gallery going, but last night she was along for the ride.

Gallery 1
The gallery

We arrived at the gallery and talked with the owners, whom we'd met last week. We will be showing with them in March! We met the artist of the night named Luke Whitlach. He had paintings and prints. I was impressed by his work and picked out a few pieces I would buy if I had an art allowance in the budget (sigh). Cordelia wanted to grab and touch the paintings with thick paint, we didn't let her. We did the obligatory tour of the gallery and then met the artist. Actually Eric was already chatting him up when Cordelia and I made our way over. Eric claims to be an introvert, but he is generally the one who is first to talk to new people.

Cordelia and I

When we were satisfied with our gallery experience and were on our way out the door I froze, I had to know if Luke Whitlach was related to the Issac Whitlach. [Back story: If you don't know who Isaac Whitlach is, he wrote the legendary book Me and My Veggies when he was a young boy. When I was in elementary school in Montana he and his mother came through on a book tour. He was older at that point, like a teenager. All of the girls in my class thought he was super dreamy. I think mostly because a) he was a teenager b) he was forced to talk with us 5th grade gals. Anyway, his name became well-known in my household and teasing ensued for quite some time.] I felt a little guilty asking the artist about his brother, didn't really want to steal his thunder on his special night, but I needed to satisfy my curiosity. He is the brother of Isaac Whitlach! Small world.

After that Cordelia and I stepped outside and socialized a bit more, enjoying the cool evening breeze. Eric continued to ignore the fact that he is an introvert and chatted with more artist types.

When we eventually left Eric and I drove around and discussed art and whatever else happened to float through our brains. Cordelia fell asleep in her car seat and we decided to head home and watch the most awesomely bad movie Chupacabra Terror. I'll leave you in suspense and give you the review of that gem in a few days.

How was your day/evening?


Helena said...

My 3yr old girl has visited many art museums and once she almost ruined an installation on the floor... Luckily I caught her before she caused any damage. Usually she sits in a stroller.

affectioknit said...

What a fun night! I love that book!

sophie said...

What a fun night out!!

Stacy said...

I'm with Eric... crazy introvert but you wouldn't know it when I'm out.

Sounds like you had a nice night! And I love that he's the brother of Issac.... very cool.

Tammie said...

i love that you take cordelia to these types of things.(gallery openings, dylan concerts, etc..) shes going to grow up to be one cool, well-rounded little gal.

Robin said...

How on earth do you remember something from 5th grade???

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