Monday, August 16, 2010

Jewelry, Walking, Ballparks, Peruvians, Gentle Donkeys, Teething Dogs

Well, is that a random blog title or what? Sorry, but that's just how it is today. OK, let's start at the beginning...

My parents are currently being visited by their friends the Christophersons. [I should mention that my mother is still recovering so we aren't letting her do anything but sit around.]The Christopherson family are missionaries, serving in Peru. They've been doing it since the 80s I believe.


Part of their work is to sell the gorgeous handmade jewelry called Achkiy. The jewelry is made by Peruvian women for a fair wage. All of the money raised is returned to their charity. You can read more and see more here.

Later in the afternoon Eric, Cordelia, Bumblebee, and I all went for a walk along the river.

E and C



While we were on our walk we received a phone call from my dad, inviting us to go to a ball game. So we went. When we got there it was hot in the stands, like really hot. I had the brilliant idea of moving from the scorching metal seats into the empty seats up near the announcer, in the shade. Eric, ever a rule follower, was nervous about the whole thing, but he went along. A pleasant afternoon once we got into the sweet seats!

c and G
Cordelia with her grandpa

Cordelia learned how to put on a necklace yesterday

Later we went over to my to help my mom and prepare dinner. The Christophersons had heard about my love of gentle donkeys, or gentle burros if you live in Peru, and gave me this handmade notebook.

Gentle Burro

Finally, last night Eric had a dream that Bumblebee was teething. I had to share it with someone.


Stacy said...

What a cute little notebook. And I think Eric and I have some similarities... I also am always nervous moving to a seat not assigned to me.

Emily said...

The jewelry is beautiful! And Eric's dream is pretty funny too.

AKM said...

Love the gentle burro notebook! And such pretty jewelry! When I get more time, I plan to look more in-depth and hopefully shop. :-) Another similar group is I have two beautiful bracelets from them. Check 'em out!

elizabeth said...

oh! i've missed my cordelia fix. :) she's still as cute as ever!

i'm so glad to be back and to be catching up with all my friends. :)

those earrings are SO pretty!

hugs ~E

Robin said...

Those earings were pretty!

sophie said...

That jewellery is beautiful, those green earrings are stunning! I so hope your mum is recovering well. (Acidophillus powder is an excellent immune booster)

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