Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Things

Here are a few of my little things today:


A couple of days ago I opened up the mail box and discovered this beautiful strawberry inspired hat for Cordelia, a gift from my blogger friend Keia (you can read her blog here).

Last night I met up with my friend Sarah and went for a glorious two hour hike. Actually we beat the old two hour record and whittled it down to one hour and forty six minutes. I am a little competitive and since I don't like to compete with others (brings out my dark side, we'll call her Lucinda), I just try to compete with my own self. Works best for all parties. Anyway, I kicked my own butt yesterday! I also enjoyed great conversation and breathtaking views of wild Wyoming.

When I got home from my hike Eric thanked me for taking some time for myself and then he just raved about our little lady and how sweet and wonderful she is. I guess they had some good father/daughter bonding while I was away.

Thrifty donation
Thrifty donation

Eric and I also went through our stuff and came up with a bag to drop off at the local thrift store. The hard part is dropping it off without going in...

Doing laundry
Nothing more attractive than a man who puts away his own laundry.

My tomatoes

I am still getting tomatoes from my container garden. The grasshoppers have done away with the lettuce, but I can go into the grocery store and buy lettuce, they can't. I won't begrudge them the lettuce as they left my tomatoes and herbs alone.

My budding (pun intended) horticulturalist.

My wonky-footed pup, Bumblebee.

What are your little things?


Stacy said...

Oh Lucinda!

My little things are delicious sandwiches, Starbucks iced tea lemonade, flickr friends, good stuff at work and a happy dog.

Tammie said...

ha. my daughters name is lucinda. she is also competitive. she has not learned to handle it as well as you though.

Mitsuko48 said...

That is a very cute hat, but I am not as happy with the pic of the hat as I could be. Please show us the hat ON Cordelia. I believe it would better accentuate the adorableness of the hat (Cordelia doesn't need any accentuating - she's adorable enough already). kthxbai!

affectioknit said...

mmm - tomatoes - I'm probably going to pick my first ripe tomato today - I can't wait...

kirsten said...

That is an awesome hat! I wanna see her in it!

I have nominated you for an award :)

Emily said...

Love the strawberry hat. Too cute!

My little thing is getting to have lunch with my husband every day now that he is working at home. Today we had homemade quacamole and chips as well as a fresh, sweet pineapple. Let's add avacados and pineapple to my little things list while we're at it too, shall we? :)

Keia Kato-Berndt said...

I am glad you got the hat alright!

Yesterday the hubs and I also went to the thrift store to drop off some stuff that we didn't want to take with us on the move...

little things are- finding a nice crumble dish at the thrift store (I have been looking at that baking book and decided that I have been feeling better lately and would like to try the autumn berry crisp/crumble!) and the hubs coming home from work early yesterday to spend the rest of the day together :)

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