Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Madness at Mini Golf

Last night after a dinner of vegan pizza the crew (crew= myself, Cordelia, Eric, Sam, Ben, Sara) decided to give my mom a little alone time so she could rest in a quiet and empty house, my dad had a meeting. We all had our cell phones in the event that she needed more than peace and quiet (she didn't) and we were ready to roll out. We all went out for a game of mini-golf at Old Town ( I wish it was Ye Olde Towne). Shenanigans ensued...

Eric and Cordelia
Cordelia was zoned out before we even got going

With my brothers
Posing with my brothers

Me, Sam, Ben
Sam is such a good sport

Ben and Sara
Ben and Sara, pre-game

Jazz hands
Gettin' medieval on mini-golf (not really, I'm terrible)

Sara in action
Sara took the game seriously

Eric going for the hole in one
Eric went for the power shot

Cordelia at a baby sized house
Cordelia found a house that was just her size

After Ben insisted on tabulating all of the scores, except mine because it was so bad, it was determined that Eric had won, with Sam coming in second. There were the usual accusations of cheating, gnashing of teeth, and fire and brimstone (maybe not), but it was a nice relaxing evening overall.

What did you do last night?


Anonymous said...

You know I'm going to need copies of those pictures!

affectioknit said...

FUN! We love Putt-Putt golf - there was a little course here in town but a few years ago they gave it away - guess where it went - to my favorite Bible Camp - YAY!

Stacy said...

I think your family is so fun!!

Emily said...

We haven't done that in a long time, but it really is a fun thing to do (and my skills are probably like yours). Glad you are getting some good time in with your brothers and sister-in-law!

Robin said...


sophie said...

Do you want to know something shocking? I don't think I have ever played mini golf! I have no memory of ever playing which is sad because it looks like fun!!

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